Selling to the Sellers -- A Lesson in Feminine Wisdom

Written by Joe Bingham

Basically speaking, anyone you are trying to sell to, is also a seller themselves, or at least a want to be seller.

So how do you sell torepparttar seller?

Well, I'm glad you asked.

Method #1 -- The Wisdom of a Woman

Sellers are interested in buying those things that can help them become better sellers. So, don't sell your product to them, sell them their own sales.

Women figured out long ago thatrepparttar 127452 best way to get men to like them was to keeprepparttar 127453 topic of conversation centered aroundrepparttar 127454 man. Well, sellers can be sold inrepparttar 127455 same manner. Talk about their sales profits, their sales numbers, and their results. Relate your product to increases in their sales.

Method # 2 The Wisdom of a Girlfriend

This method is much like a wise girlfriend who helps her boyfriend take better care of himself by making him think that it is his idea. Forrepparttar 127456 first time in a man's life,repparttar 127457 trash is taken out on a regular schedule, dishes are done, and clothes are washed regularly. Now, whilerepparttar 127458 man thinks he is doing it to impressrepparttar 127459 woman, without her knowledge, in reality,repparttar 127460 woman is simply inspiringrepparttar 127461 man to become what he should have been already -- so he will be good enough for her.

Sellers like to be sellers, and hate to become a buyer. So, in order to make sales for yourself, you must transform your buyer into a seller.

Re-sell items are great! People buy it from you and then re-sell it to others. In this manner, they are not really buyers, but 'investors' making a capital purchase which then allows them to immediately become sellers of what they have purchased.

Direct Talk On What Produces Sales

Written by Joe Bingham

I am now going to speak frankly and directly about what it takes to make money in an Internet business. Traditionally, that is not done, but I've pretty much had it with some ofrepparttar 'traditions' of online business. Many times during my first months onrepparttar 127451 Internet, I started to doubt whether I would ever make any money at it. Every time I felt I was doing something that should get results, I'd learn another hard lesson about why what I was doing was NOT working. It took about 4 months before I saw my first dollars, and even then they came few and far between. It took until my 7th month online before I actually turned a profit forrepparttar 127452 month. Since, I've maintained a profitable business. Still, I have further goals to achieve before reachingrepparttar 127453 kind of money we all dream of making. However, looking back now I can see just how much I have grown and learned. I was so stupid in my early days. It's no wonder I got little sales. Looking back at what I was offering, I wouldn't buy from me either! I don't claim to be a 'guru' yet by any means, but I do now know a definite truth aboutrepparttar 127454 wayrepparttar 127455 Internet works. To make money, especially consistent money with repeat buyers, you must have a UNIQUE WORTH. You have to offer what no one else offers or offer a similar but BETTER product or service than what others offer. That sounds oversimplified perhaps, but think about it. When you make a purchase, you want to KNOW you are gettingrepparttar 127456 best available, or at leastrepparttar 127457 best available forrepparttar 127458 price. That's how you treat other businesses because that's how you have always treated other businesses. You DEMAND a good product or service for a good price, AND you like to get it from where you know you can REGULARLY findrepparttar 127459 best product or service for a good price. That'srepparttar 127460 way you are as a consumer. That'srepparttar 127461 way ALL consumers are. So, just because you got onrepparttar 127462 Internet and heard promises of huge, instant riches, do you really think your business is going to be treated any differently? No! You are just another business in an over crowded setting where regular consumers will blow right by you in search of something familiar with a good product at a good price. UNLESS, you take hold of your business, PERSONALIZE it to stand out amongrepparttar 127463 crowd, add extra features, group other

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