Selling to the Four Temperament Styles

Written by John Boe

To be effective in sales you must learn to develop trust and rapport quickly with your prospect. People want to do business with people that they feel understand their needs and treat them as an individual. Being able to identify your prospect’s primary temperament style is critically important and will allow you to adjust your style to communicate effectively with theirs.

Twenty-four hundred years ago, Hippocrates,repparttar father of medicine, theorized that we are born into one of four primary temperament styles and that each style has it’s own unique physiology, character traits and outlook on life; Choleric (aggressive), Sanguine (emotional), Phlegmatic (passive) and Melancholy (analytical). According to Hippocrates,repparttar 127395 extroverted Choleric (Worker) was short-tempered and ill natured, but had a dynamic desire for action! The extroverted Sanguine (Talker) was cheerful, outgoing and optimistic, but not very serious or organized. The introverted Phlegmatic (Watcher) was slow and sluggish, but could stay calm, cool and collected under pressure. The introverted Melancholy (Thinker) was deep, sad and depressive, but also a thoughtful, gifted and analytical genius. Each ofrepparttar 127396 four primary temperament styles requires a different approach and selling strategy. With a little training and practice you will soon be able to use temperament knowledge to enhance all of your relationships.

The extroverted Worker temperament style prefers a fast, bottom line presentation and is generally quick to make a decision. They want you to respect their time by being well prepared, on time and torepparttar 127397 point. They ask “what” questions. Keywords to use are: Results, Speed, and Control. Workers are practical and are interested in how you can save them time and money. Maintain good eye contact and don't let their demanding nature and intimidating body language unnerve you. Avoid details when possible and giverepparttar 127398 Worker options so you don’t threaten their sense of control. Allow them to setrepparttar 127399 pace ofrepparttar 127400 presentation.

Service With a Smile

Written by John Boe

Successful salespeople haverepparttar ability to turnrepparttar 127394 customers they serve into advocates. They don’t directly ask for assistance, they do it by “goingrepparttar 127395 extra mile” when providing service. It is only natural for satisfied customers to refer their friends and business associates to someone they know they can trust to take good care of them. In every walk of life,repparttar 127396 people who have achieved success in their lives have done so because they have rendered their talent and ability in service to others. Your ability to provide quality service afterrepparttar 127397 sale is critical in developing “lifetime relationships” with your customers. Top salespeople have learned thatrepparttar 127398 key to their success is “service with a smile.” They understand that their referrals and follow on business is in direct relationship torepparttar 127399 service they render on a daily basis.

“Going The Extra Mile” Service Tips

1. Always under promise and over deliver. Develop a reputation for reliability; never make a promise that you can’t deliver.

2. Stay in contact and keep good records. Set up a suspense system to track important contact dates such as client review calls and birthdays. Consider sending a personal note or an article of interest once or twice per year.

3. Pay attention torepparttar 127400 small things. Get inrepparttar 127401 habit of returning phone calls, e-mails and other correspondence quickly.

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