Selling on eBay - Have you found the magic formula yet?

Written by Mark Kenny

Selling on eBay can be very profitable and a great way to make some cash while clearing your house of unwanted items atrepparttar same time. It's quite simple, just describe and photograph your items and seven to ten days later you'll get a payment though paypal or by cheque posted to you.

With so many items available, how do you ensure that your item sells above similar items. Despite many ebooks, self acclaimed experts and guides onrepparttar 143955 subject, there simply is no magic formula to absolutely guarantee you sell successfully. Even professional power sellers sometimes have a maximum of just 60% of auctions finish successfully. However you can increaserepparttar 143956 odds of your auction finishing successfully by using your knowledge of how buyers search.

The title of your item isrepparttar 143957 most important part of your item description. The reasoning behind this is because a standard eBay search will only search item titles. A massive 70% of buyers use eBays search box to findrepparttar 143958 items. Keywords entered intorepparttar 143959 search box are not compared withrepparttar 143960 item description or sub-title.

So ideally you need to research into your item before listing it, or at least before deciding onrepparttar 143961 title of your item. To assist you with there are two services I recommend. The first of these is called Keyword-Pro which is a comprehensive list of top 50 keywords in every eBay category. Updated weekly,repparttar 143962 service can give you a wide range of keywords to insert into your title to give it a higher chance of being found in searches.

The Importance of Residual Income

Written by Romel Wallace

Copyright 2005 Romel Wallace

The concept of residual income or passive income is probably one ofrepparttar most important concepts you will ever learn in your lifetime.

I know. This is a pretty big statement.

Well, it's a pretty powerful concept.

Anyone that can masterrepparttar 143915 concept of residual income is on their way to a pretty comfortable lifestyle. Simply put, residual income occurs by building a system one time that can produce a recurring stream of revenue oncerepparttar 143916 system is set up.

This income arrives on a regular basis. It can occur on a monthly, weekly, or daily basis. The frequency depends onrepparttar 143917 business system itself.

What's so great about this is if you are willing to work hard and build a residual- based system inrepparttar 143918 initial phase, you can reaprepparttar 143919 benefits from this one-time labor for years to come. If you look around you, you will see examples of residual income all over.

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