Selling Truth as a Differentiator

Written by Lawrence Groves

Selling Truth as a Differentiator Lawrence Groves- June 2005 The last few years have been a period of heightened scrutiny and scandal forrepparttar financial services industry. Most recently,repparttar 148325 SEC issued a report on pension consultants regarding conflicts of interest andrepparttar 148326 objectivity of advice given to retirement plan sponsors. Itís become vital torepparttar 148327 success of insurance and financial advisors that they differentiate themselves with their exemplary ethics, that they operate by a higher moral code and that they communicate that higher standard to their clients. Why? Because research proves that ethics builds trust, and trust sells ó inrepparttar 148328 long-term and - inrepparttar 148329 short-term, as well.

Taken fromrepparttar 148330 SEC report andrepparttar 148331 information provided byrepparttar 148332 Dept of Labor, below are Affirmations of Ethical Behavior for Financial and Insurance Industry Representatives. The Ten Affirmations of Ethical Behavior

1.If registered withrepparttar 148333 SEC or a state securities regulator as an investment adviser I will provide my clients with allrepparttar 148334 disclosures required under those laws (including Part II of Form ADY).

2.I will describe any relationship I have with money managers that I recommend, consider for recommendation, or otherwise mention torepparttar 148335 plan.

3.I will describe any payments I receive from money managers I recommend, consider for recommendation, or otherwise mention torepparttar 148336 plan for consideration.

4. I have prepared policies and procedures to address conflicts of interest or to prevent conflicting payments or relationships from being a factor when providing advice to my clients.

Just Ask! Using Surveys to Improve Your Business

Written by Herb and Monica Leibacher

Just ask!

You can learn useful information about your business, customers, and potential customers by conducting a survey.

If you have a list of e-mail addresses of your customers and prospects you can send them an e-mail containing a link which leads to a survey on your site.

What isrepparttar benefit to you?

You get knowledge, and knowledge is a powerful tool in tailoring your business and services to your customers' needs. You can ask questions like:

- How could our web site be more informative to you?

- What products or services should we offer inrepparttar 148148 future?

- Please rate our customer service?

- What is your age?

It is important to ask questions that will get yourepparttar 148149 answers you want. If you want suggestions from your viewers, asking if they simply like your site doesnít give you enough information. And providing a list of radio buttons or check boxes streamlines answers even more. Plus research has shown that folks are more likely to answer if all they have to do is click.

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