Selling To Your Difficult Person

Written by Pat Wiklund

We all have people whom we find difficult. We don't understand them, connect with them, or even talk comfortably with them. But, when we own a one person business, seeing someone as difficult gets inrepparttar way of our selling effectively and their buying wisely.

It is easy to blamerepparttar 127181 other person. They'rerepparttar 127182 difficult ones. But,repparttar 127183 truth is, if you find someone difficult, for sure they will find you just as difficult. And, if you're difficult they won't want to work with you. They'll take their business elsewhere.

It's just human nature to dig in our heals when we're irritated. We want them to change. We want them to be likerepparttar 127184 folks we find easy to deal with. And they feelrepparttar 127185 same way. They dig in their heals too. They want us to change. Then when we don't change they leave. They won't buy, even if we haverepparttar 127186 perfect solution to their needs.

Selling to difficult people works best when we step back and let them setrepparttar 127187 stage for our sales call. Follow their pace. Give them information inrepparttar 127188 way they best understand Speak to their needs. When we start where they are it is more likely we will lead them torepparttar 127189 sale.

Sally told her prospects so much, so fast, everyone was overwhelmed. She was stuck on fast forward. She truly believedrepparttar 127190 fasterrepparttar 127191 sales presentation,repparttar 127192 more sales a day she could make. Yet when she finally slowed down, she made fewer presentations but many more sales.

Sally's mistake was meeting her own comfort and needs, not her customers' comfort and wants. If she had focused on her customers' comfort and wants, she would more easily closerepparttar 127193 sale.

The easiest customers to be with are people like us. Selling to someone not like us is harder. We have to choose how to approach them.

Most fast paced, high energy sales people prefer fast paced prospects. If this prospect is task oriented, they quickly cut torepparttar 127194 bottom line. No small talk here. Giverepparttar 127195 facts first and fast. You have what they want, they buy. You don't have it, they leave, often with a disparaging remark asrepparttar 127196 door closes behind them.

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