Selling Online Products in the Offline World

Written by Scot Dantzer

Making online affiliate-based sales is becoming easier every day thanks torepparttar growing sophistication of online sales tracking methods and affiliate marketing support.

It should come as no surprise that a large number of online purchases are for computers, printers and accessories. After all, these are things web surfers use every day.

But nearly every day I field questions from friends, family and colleagues who are getting ready to make their first computer purchase so they can get onrepparttar 102597 internet. In many cases, these folks have never even seenrepparttar 102598 web or have spent little time online. This dilemma presents a special challenge and a unique opportunity atrepparttar 102599 same time.

How doesrepparttar 102600 affiliate make this offline sale?

The answer to this question is a simple three-step process. First, sign up for one ofrepparttar 102601 many computer equipment affiliate programs available onrepparttar 102602 web. I use a Dell computer and heartily recommend them, so I signed up forrepparttar 102603 Dell affiliate program through

The next step is to create a sales page that you load to your website. If you don't have a website you can simply sign up for a free site from one ofrepparttar 102604 many free providers. A favorite of mine is at

This page doesn't need to sell your customer; it simply needs to providerepparttar 102605 links through whichrepparttar 102606 customer will click (many affiliate programs such as Dell contain hidden codes that require your customer to click from a web page.)

For an example of my Dell sales page visit

You'll notice thatrepparttar 102607 page isn't a hard sell; it's a simple page with affiliate links torepparttar 102608 Dell site. When my customer clicks on any of these links I'll be credited with any purchases he makes.

The third step is to get your customer to your sales page. This isrepparttar 102609 obstacle, since your customer may not be onrepparttar 102610 web yet.

What is Your Website's Most Wanted Response?

Written by Steve Nash

You spend time and money promoting your website; but what do you want to achieve (apart from more page views)? Is it more sales of Blue Widgets? Is it more subscribers on your mailing list? To be exact, what is your site's Most Wanted Response?

I ask this question because inrepparttar excitement of creating your very own website, it is easy to forget (or not even consider)repparttar 102596 main purpose of your site! Alas, I talk from experience!

In late 1999 I created Shop Tour UK ( "a unique way to surf secure UK shopping sites." (Well, that's what I thought, anyway! :-) ) The site started out life as a hobby site - no problems there! - but quickly started to take hours and hours of updating each day. (With no clear, measurable objectives it's very easy to continually change and 'improve' a site!)

Shop Tour UK wasn't making any money, either - well, it was a hobby site! So I decided to redesignrepparttar 102597 site, join lots of affiliate programs, findrepparttar 102598 best affiliate programs, and focusrepparttar 102599 site on promoting those programs!

--- sidebar --- Affiliate marketing really does provide a great opportunity for ALL site owners to make extra income. But choose your affiliate programs wisely; otherwise, you'll still be working hard but for very little reward. To learn more aboutrepparttar 102600 pros and cons of affiliate marketing, visit --- sidebar ---

Yes! It took months to sign-up to affiliate programs and seek outrepparttar 102601 best of them. Yes! It took a couple of site redesigns. And yes! It is better to have clear, and measurable objectives right fromrepparttar 102602 start! (That is, to know your site's Most Wanted Response!)

But hey! Now I spend much less time updating my site (because I only concentrate on promotingrepparttar 102603 most profitable aspects of it), AND it is now starting to earn money!

So how does this affect you?

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