Selling Merchandise On Your Website

Written by Suzanne Power

A viral marketing tool and a potential money-spinner. Suzanne Power looks atrepparttar options and believes Spreadshirt can take overrepparttar 131563 Cafepress mantle ===============

If you take away poker, dating, and naked ladies, custom merchandising isrepparttar 131564 big success story ofrepparttar 131565 Internet. The ultimate combination of e-commerce and affiliate marketing, millions of websites aroundrepparttar 131566 world turn to online merchandising companies - both to market their URL and to extract some cash from loyal visitors.

The key torepparttar 131567 success ofrepparttar 131568 industry is on-demand printing, meaning website owners don't usually incur setup costs and do not have to carry inventory.

The business model usually works like this. The webmaster signs up for free or for a small monthly fee atrepparttar 131569 merchandising company site. Having uploaded his/her own designs often logos, catchphrases or drawings,repparttar 131570 webmaster can then place these designs onrepparttar 131571 range of products offered byrepparttar 131572 merchandiser. Usually,repparttar 131573 merchandise company places a base price on each product, to whichrepparttar 131574 webmaster adds his/her own commission or markup. In some cases,repparttar 131575 webmaster can then create a shop which can be integrated into their own site.

The merchandising company normally handles credit-card processing, printing, shipping, and customer service whilerepparttar 131576 webmaster incursrepparttar 131577 slightly less arduous task of collecting and bankingrepparttar 131578 commissions.

Beginning to see why its so popular? Let's have a look at some ofrepparttar 131579 industry's big players:


The daddy ofrepparttar 131580 bunch. Founded in 1999 in California, Cafepress was one ofrepparttar 131581 first companies to exploitrepparttar 131582 massive custom merchandise market. It now sells products on behalf of over 2 million website owners, mainly inrepparttar 131583 USA.

For all its longevity and wide reach, Cafepress has yet to solve many ofrepparttar 131584 original problems that still bother its users. Despiterepparttar 131585 clamour from customers,repparttar 131586 company has yet to find a way to offer black, or even dark, garments still relying onrepparttar 131587 old white and grey staples and a rather odd collection of pastels. Nor hasrepparttar 131588 company embraced internationalisation, and website owners outside ofrepparttar 131589 USA still baulk at hefty shipping charges and US Dollar pricing.

The free Cafepress service offers limited functionality to users, with only one version of each product allowed. For a monthly fee, Cafepress allows unlimited selling. However, excessive branding makes it rather difficult to integraterepparttar 131590 Cafeshop intorepparttar 131591 look and feel of an existing site.

Importance of Using Keywords in the Title Tag

Written by Gary R. Hess

Many webmasters have complained aboutrepparttar irrelevance of results in search engines. However, they do not understandrepparttar 131561 basic functions which search engines use to organize results and categorize them intorepparttar 131562 correct listings.

The title tag isrepparttar 131563 single most importance function when search engines wish to rank sites. To test this theory, go to Google and type in any keyword you wish. The top 10 results, more than likely, holdrepparttar 131564 keywords withinrepparttar 131565 title ofrepparttar 131566 page.

So why are you still putting "home page" in your title?

Usingrepparttar 131567 word "home page" in your title will not help your site. Think about it. When have you ever typedrepparttar 131568 word home page into a search engine? Try it. Go to Google or Yahoo right now and type "home page" in and hit search.

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