Sell Yourself to Be Successful in Life

Written by Patric Chan

Copyright 2005 Patric Chan

If you want to be successful in life, business, or relationships, you must learn one simple secret. That secret is ... you must learn how to sell yourself!

Now before you get too antsy and worried, and begin to list allrepparttar reasons why you are not a salesperson and you could never do this, please understand that selling yourself is not about learning and using finely honed sales skills like you would in business.

Selling yourself is as simple asrepparttar 150569 way you present yourself.

Let's look at a common sense example from everyday life -- yourself!

If you are married, or even dating someone, this applies to you. Think back to your first date, or even your first several dates. Rememberrepparttar 150570 great care you took to make sure you looked good and were on time.

If you were supposed to pick your date up at 7pm, you made sure to block out enough time to shower, do your hair, get dressed in nice clothes, and leave with enough time to meet your deadline. Perhaps you even bought new clothes forrepparttar 150571 occasion!

This is an example of selling yourself. You displayed interest in your appearance and confidence in yourself as you prepared for and executed this "sales plan."

We could go on and on aboutrepparttar 150572 many other things you did on your first date to sell yourself, but you should getrepparttar 150573 picture from this example. Suffice it to say, if you began talking about your bug collection on your first date, you probably stopped selling yourself!

Give Yourself The Greatest Gift

Written by Chris Green

Imagine if you could give yourselfrepparttar best gift ever. A gift that would bring success, happiness and abundance into your life, not just temporarily, but forrepparttar 150534 rest of your living years.

Would you be interested in having such a gift? Hmm, let me guess! The good news is that YOU CAN. The gift I'm talking about is personal responsibility. Let me share with you precisely why this gift isrepparttar 150535 best you will ever receive!

When you decide to take personal responsibility for your whole life, a remarkable series of reactions takes place. All of these reactions increase your personal power.

Acceptance isrepparttar 150536 first, crucial reaction. You accept that where you are right now is all your doing. No longer will you blame anyone else for your current situation or list excuses such as bad luck or lack of opportunity. Blame and excuses are heavy baggage and they do not bring success. Acceptance will help you abandon them for good.

In accepting full responsibility for your current situation, you also accept that where you'll be in a year or 5 years is also down to you. You choserepparttar 150537 paths torepparttar 150538 destination you're at right now. Therefore, you can choose better paths to lead you to a greater destination.

Acceptance leads torepparttar 150539 realization that you haverepparttar 150540 power to change your life forrepparttar 150541 better. So exercise your power: Choose what you want to do with your life. Choose where you want your life to take you. Choose to berepparttar 150542 person you truly want to be. Choose to live liferepparttar 150543 way YOU want to live it. Spend time thinking about all ofrepparttar 150544 above and commit your ideas to paper. Don't letrepparttar 150545 whims and fears of others guide you in this. Only YOU can berepparttar 150546 person you want to be.

Be in total control of what you allow your mind to be exposed to. If you listen to people who live life craving for security, you will take on board their fears. So be responsible for your own education. You've found this article so you're already taking steps to fill your mind with positive information to help you achieve your ambitions. Resolve to make this an ongoing process.

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