Sell Yourself First

Written by Bob Osgoodby

How many E-mails do you get promising great riches and you have absolutely no clue who sent it? Many ofrepparttar return E-mail addresses are forged, and you have no possible way to respond to their offer. Sure they may give you a toll free number to call, where you will probably get a highly hyped recording, or you may get a Post Office Box to submit your application and payment. What is missing from this picture?

You are!

The majority of people are pretty cautious. If someone jumped out of a dark alley and offered to sell you a "Rolex" for twenty bucks, you would probably just continue walking. What makes people thinkrepparttar 124508 Internet is a like a magic carpet, where all you have to do is make some type of outlandish offer, and people will flock to you with their wallet wide open?

It doesn't work that way folks!

If you expect people to deal with you, they must be able to identify with you or your company. If your company is not well known, they must be able to identify with you.

Rememberrepparttar 124509 old saying - "Sell yourself first". When people are comfortable with you,repparttar 124510 rest is easy. But how do I do this "you might ask".

"Trade Shows"

Written by Bob Osgoodby

Trade Shows are a great way to meet prospective clients. At first, it seems like a "walk inrepparttar park", and they can be a lot of fun. Many ofrepparttar 124507 visitors torepparttar 124508 show are there to see what is being offered, and to them it is more of a holiday than work.

If you are there to show your wares, it is work. Don't confuse your role as a vendor with that ofrepparttar 124509 visitor. You must be there beforerepparttar 124510 exhibits open to ensure your booth is set up properly, and have coverage at your booth untilrepparttar 124511 exhibits close forrepparttar 124512 day. Trying to do it alone, is at best, a difficult proposition. There will be times when you must leaverepparttar 124513 booth, and if it is unattended, you may be missing prospective clients.

Let's assume you have allrepparttar 124514 "goodies" you should have such as business cards, brochures, signs, and free samples. I'm not going to cover that, as it will be different for each business.

As you walk aboutrepparttar 124515 exhibit hall, you will see some booths where there are crowds of people, and others whererepparttar 124516 exhibitors are trying to stay awake. What is drawingrepparttar 124517 crowds to one booth whilerepparttar 124518 others are dying onrepparttar 124519 vine?

Giveaways are nice, but they usually pick them up and are gone. You want something, which will make them hang around a little, so you can talk with them.

Let me give you a couple of examples. One vendor puts up a sign "Free Return Address Labels" in front of his booth, with a computer and printer. Visitors can enter their information onrepparttar 124520 computer for their labels, and they are printed right away. There is usually a line in front of this booth, waiting to get their labels. There is also a guest book, which includes their contact information. This vendor has done two things. First he gotrepparttar 124521 opportunity to mingle withrepparttar 124522 people waiting in line to make his pitch, and secondly got their contact information for follow up.

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