Sell More By Showing Consequences

Written by Ray L. Edwards

It's a well established fact that customers buy solutions to their problems or what they perceive will add value to their lives. The marketer must therefore go beyondrepparttar usual feature listing for their product or service to show what will berepparttar 108047 final consequences torepparttar 108048 customer.

For example, knowing that buyers would rather not suffer loss than gain more you must show what will happen ifrepparttar 108049 customer refuses to buy your product. It's all about consequences.

Now here isrepparttar 108050 point at which most businesses fail in their marketing efforts. Let's say that you are trying to sell a garden tool. This tool will cut a hedge fence much faster and easier than any other tool onrepparttar 108051 market. Along with listing allrepparttar 108052 new features of this tool and how effective it is at cutting hedges,repparttar 108053 smart marketer must take this torepparttar 108054 logical conclusion.

I mean, what isrepparttar 108055 customer really buying? It's notrepparttar 108056 garden tool at all. It's not well manicured fences either. If there were no neighbors to admire that fence your customer wouldn't care less about your garden tool innovation. Your customer is really buying admiration from others.

Knowing this then you must promise what they are really buying. You must make every effort to show how your new garden tool will cause your customer to berepparttar 108057 "envy ofrepparttar 108058 neighborhood" because ofrepparttar 108059 immaculate hedge fences.

The same applies to any product that claims to makerepparttar 108060 prospect more money. Nobody is interested in money. People want what money can bring-power, security, influence andrepparttar 108061 things money buy. Sorepparttar 108062 marketer should showrepparttar 108063 consequences ofrepparttar 108064 increased income by showcasingrepparttar 108065 lifestyle thatrepparttar 108066 money brings. Such as vacations, luxury cars, dream home, relief fromrepparttar 108067 calls of debt collectors.

After studying several online sales letters I observed that such websites that showedrepparttar 108068 owners enjoyingrepparttar 108069 good life because of their increased income had high conversion rates. Do you get it? Even if you are selling a product that has nothing to do with lifestyle you must show that your product will somehow allowrepparttar 108070 customer to enjoy an improved lifestyle.

It's all a matter of how far you go in showing consequences.

Your sales material must passrepparttar 108071 common "So what? test. This is a little tool used by copywriters to determine whether something should be mentioned or not in a sales letter. It is also used to show consequences as well.

Let us return to our garden tool example and applyrepparttar 108072 "So what?" test to force us into showing consequences.

10 Ways To Start An Internet Salesletter

Written by Ray L. Edwards

The first sentence of an internet salesletter is like a hook. It must grabrepparttar reader's attention and lead them into readingrepparttar 108046 entire letter.

According to copywriter Joseph Sugarman,repparttar 108047 purpose ofrepparttar 108048 first sentence of a salesletter is to getrepparttar 108049 reader to readrepparttar 108050 next sentence. Andrepparttar 108051 second sentence? To getrepparttar 108052 reader to readrepparttar 108053 third sentence. This becomes even more crucial onrepparttar 108054 internet than in print, since attention spans are very short online.

There are certain types of letter openings that prove very effective in pullingrepparttar 108055 prospect intorepparttar 108056 rest ofrepparttar 108057 copy. We'll briefly look atrepparttar 108058 ten most effective ways.

1. Tell a Story

Stories have been used for ages to relate lessons. From bedtime stories torepparttar 108059 greatest philosophers, we all love a good story.

A story creates empathy withrepparttar 108060 reader and helps to draw him intorepparttar 108061 sales pitch. This works best ifrepparttar 108062 story identifies withrepparttar 108063 problem thatrepparttar 108064 prospect is now experiencing for which you've foundrepparttar 108065 solution. Some ofrepparttar 108066 most effective direct mail pieces used this technique.

2. Staterepparttar 108067 offer upfront

If your product or service is well known to your audience and doesn't need any special introduction, then you can just staterepparttar 108068 offer right away. This serves best if your offer is a very attractive one. In this caserepparttar 108069 real appeal is inrepparttar 108070 offer itself.

A common example is if you have a free offer or deep discount on products your target audience is already interested in. Your entire salesletter can then be based onrepparttar 108071 offer and not onrepparttar 108072 product features or benefits.

3. Use a startling quote or statistic

This type of opening is really intended to getrepparttar 108073 reader to sit up and pay attention. It should be 'newsy' and have some 'shock value'. It should raise a question inrepparttar 108074 prospect's mind and build some curiosity to readrepparttar 108075 rest ofrepparttar 108076 letter.

4. Make an announcement

This will work best if you have a new product that you are introducing torepparttar 108077 market. This should sound like a press release. In other words, there should be little 'hype' and more factual type statements emphasizing what's new about this product.

5. Ask a question

Questions are very effective in pullingrepparttar 108078 reader into your salesletter. This is especially true whenrepparttar 108079 answers torepparttar 108080 questions are very important torepparttar 108081 reader. These questions also forcerepparttar 108082 prospect to think and get involved with your copy. The questions remain unresolved until you answer them inrepparttar 108083 copy. Questions also makerepparttar 108084 letter sound conversational and more personal.

6. Write torepparttar 108085 reader as a colleague

If your target audience consists of a narrow special interest group then you can addressrepparttar 108086 reader as such. You may addressrepparttar 108087 reader as "Business Owner", or "Webmaster". Right away this qualifiesrepparttar 108088 prospect and saves them having to read further to know ifrepparttar 108089 letter is of interest to them. It also serves another purpose: to makerepparttar 108090 reader feel as part of a special group-a type of flattery.

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