Sell More Books With a Powerful Back Cover

Written by Judy Cullins

Sell More Books With a Powerful Back Cover Judy Cullins 2003

Did you know that your book's back cover information is, afterrepparttar cover,repparttar 127221 best way to sell more books? And, that most authors, emerging and experienced, miss this opportunity to engage more potential buyers?

Your book's front cover and sizzling title must impress your buyers in four seconds. If they like it, they will spend eight seconds on your back cover ( mini sales letter)-a great opportunity to convince them that your book is necessary for their success.

Does your back cover passrepparttar 127222 test?

Five Best Solutions torepparttar 127223 Biggest Book Back Cover Mistakes

1. Mistake: Too many non-powerful words and too busy to have a focus.

Solutions: A back cover of 6 by 9 inches should have under 70 words. Use sound bites; picture and emotional words; benefits, not features; and testimonials to capture your readers' attention and to keep your message focused. Make every word count and be willing to get five-fifteen edits, becauserepparttar 127224 outside ofrepparttar 127225 book's message is 10 times more powerful thanrepparttar 127226 inside pages.

2. Mistake: Too much superfluous material onrepparttar 127227 back cover. Do you have too long an author's bio or large photo? Potential buyers want to know howrepparttar 127228 book will help them, teach them a skill, or entertain them.

Solutions: Write only a one or two-line bio onrepparttar 127229 back cover. Put your photo and more bio onrepparttar 127230 inside ofrepparttar 127231 back cover. Omit features such as format information, which belong inrepparttar 127232 book's introduction. Connect with your buyer emotionally with specific, powerful ad copy. For self-help books use bullets with specific benefits, and enough ofrepparttar 127233 right kind of testimonials to sell your book in 8 seconds. For fiction, modify to include a bit of plot, with a powerful quote or dialogue. Use bookstore models to assist you.

3. Mistake: Repeatingrepparttar 127234 book's title atrepparttar 127235 top ofrepparttar 127236 back cover.

Solutions: Since your potential buyers already knowrepparttar 127237 title and are stimulated enough to look atrepparttar 127238 back cover, hook them with an emotional question or benefit-driven headline atrepparttar 127239 top..

This "Hot Headline" includes your best benefit and should compel your reader to buy.Noticerepparttar 127240 headlines in your newspaper. Visit your bookstore and notice other best selling authors' headlines. "What's So Tough About Writing?" by wordsmith Richard Lederer, author of The Write Way; "Imagine Being an Author, in Dan Poynter's Writing Nonfiction; or "To Age is Natural...To Grow Old is Not!" heads Rico Caveglia's "Ageless Living" back cover.

Sell More Books With Your Sparkling Introduction

Written by Judy Cullins

Sell More Books With Your Sparkling Introduction Judy Cullins 2003 All Rights Reserved.

Why write an introduction? Nobody reads it anyway.

Up until now, this opinion has had clout. But now, book authors need only write a short introduction of one to two pages. Through repparttar five essentials below, part of your essential "7 hot-selling points" that every book needs to sell well, your sparkling introduction will compel its readers to take out their credit card and buy. Potential book buyers want this concise, personal note from you.

Here'srepparttar 127220 Five Essentials of Your Book's Introduction:

1. The hook. Your first paragraph must compel your potential buyer to read more, so they will buy your book. Make your opener short--one sentence is best. Answer their question, "So What? Why should I buy your book?" Your opener might be a shocking statistic, qustion, fact, powerful quote, or headline of a top benefit. It may be a short vignette from one of your chapters. Whatever it is, it must grabrepparttar 127221 reader's attention.

2. The background. Your particular audience has challenges. Describe where they are now, why they haven't succeeded, how they are uninformed in a few paragraphs. Include a few sentences on why you wroterepparttar 127222 book. Atrepparttar 127223 end of this information, state your thesis statement, a general statement of what your problem your book will solve. This includes entertainment.

3. The benefits. Inrepparttar 127224 next paragraphs, keep answeringrepparttar 127225 "So what?" that is inside every potential buyer's mind. Showrepparttar 127226 general benefits such as increased health, communication, finances or fortune. Show specific benefits. For instance, in Write Your eBook or Other Short Book-Fast!: "Create each part of your book as a sales tool, rewrite less, publish cheaper and faster"

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