Self it better?

Written by Steven Jackson

When you're known as a writer only to family, friends and a handful of people around town is it wise to wait for traditional publishing companies to bite on your literary work?

If so you will wait a very long time unless you are a celebrity or high profile.

Very few unknown writers get picked up by traditional publishing companies.

They have been fortunate to know a friend whose friend's cousin's brother is a literary agent in another state.

Then they hope and pray this agent actually takes time to read their manuscript and shop it to publishing companies along withrepparttar other 97 great manuscripts he has in his briefcase.

Keep in mind thousands of manuscripts are registered torepparttar 105766 Library of Congress each year. Writers who submit material think their work isrepparttar 105767 best.

O.k. let's say your material is picked up by a big publishing company. If they don't likerepparttar 105768 format,repparttar 105769 title,repparttar 105770 characters you worked so hard to create or anything to do withrepparttar 105771 story line, they will want it changed


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