Self Help and Motivation

Written by Marlene Challis

My name is Marlene Challis. I'm a wife and mother and up until a few years ago, I knew absolutely nothing about computers or business.

When we first got a computer, I was afraid to touchrepparttar keyboard incase I pressedrepparttar 146169 wrong key and it blew up! Withrepparttar 146170 guidance of my husband teaching merepparttar 146171 basics of getting it turned on and playing some games, I finally found my way around.

Then we got connected torepparttar 146172 internet. That was scary trying to work out howrepparttar 146173 "net" worked. I learnt by pressing buttons and figuring things out as I went along. My two daughters gave me some pointers but apart from that, I taught myself everything I know. I have a high school certificate but no college degree and I have no formal computer or business training.

When I mastered getting aroundrepparttar 146174 "net", a whole new world opened up. It was exciting being able to find out information about anything you wanted. I started to userepparttar 146175 "net" to search for travel specials for our holidays and I booked them online.

In 2002, I wanted to do something to contribute torepparttar 146176 household income. I didn't know what but I lovedrepparttar 146177 internet and knew that had to be involved somehow. In November 2002 I registered my first business and I was off and running.

Camping Solo

Written by Lynn Cutts

I recently completed my first solo camping trip. Although I've been camping for over 45 years, this wasrepparttar first time I didn't have parents, friends, or a husband alone with me. It was just me, andrepparttar 146102 birds, andrepparttar 146103 bees. Andrepparttar 146104 bear, but that's another story.

Anyway, as I planned my trip, I found myself getting more and more apprehensive. What if I couldn't . . . pitchrepparttar 146105 tent, lightrepparttar 146106 stove, haulrepparttar 146107 water, sleep by myself . . . You name it, I worried about it. I came up with Plan B's and Plan C's and even a few Plan F's. Byrepparttar 146108 morning I was supposed to leave, I'd almost "what if-ed" myself out of going. But then I came up withrepparttar 146109 ultimate Plan B: if it got too tough, I could go stay in a motel, or even head home. So I went.

And I found it was easier than I expected. I threadedrepparttar 146110 poles intorepparttar 146111 tent, and then gotrepparttar 146112 little metal doohickies intorepparttar 146113 tent poles sorepparttar 146114 tent actually stood up. I pounded five out of six tent pegs into rocky ground (bentrepparttar 146115 sixth) using a rock, because I'd forgottenrepparttar 146116 hammer. I hauled water. I coaxed our cranky, thirty-year-old camp stove into working. I split kindling for a campfire I didn't get to have (the bear, again). And atrepparttar 146117 end of two days, as I drove home happy and at peace, I realized I didn't have just one success. I had a whole collection of little ones.

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