Self Acceptance – Lessons From My Hair Affair

Written by Lee Mellott, Webhost of The PATH Weight Loss

For our diet and, indeed, in every aspect of our lives, we must remember to relax fromrepparttar demands ofrepparttar 130505 unrealistic ideal. For those trying to lose weight, you cannot berepparttar 130506 Barbie. For those lifting weights, you cannot berepparttar 130507 Governor of California. Accepting this principle first, can give yourepparttar 130508 peace of mind to love what you do have, lower frustration, and actually make weight loss easier inrepparttar 130509 long run!

A few years ago while driving torepparttar 130510 drugstore I watched a family walk acrossrepparttar 130511 street. There was a woman who appeared to be in her 70's with a thick mass of black hair flowing down her back. Next to her was another woman 40ish with a thick mass of black hair flowing down her back. And walking with them, a teen with a thick mass of black hair flowing down her back, and alongside her was a girl about six years old with a thick mass of black hair flowing down her back. The teen was pushing a pram. I craned my neck and observed a tiny baby tucked inside – no there was no flowing mass of black hair. But I could see little black tufts starting up and I was willing to bet what that would look like inrepparttar 130512 future.

I drove on torepparttar 130513 drugstore feeling a bit gloomy. When I got torepparttar 130514 store, I saw rows of hair beautification products. Products to pump uprepparttar 130515 volume, smooth, curl, add bounce. I had tried many of them inrepparttar 130516 past with maybe some improvement but not much. What I really needed was more hair. If any of those ladies walking would give me just a little bit of their hair I would really benefit and I doubt if they would miss it. I have baby fine blond hair. The kind that wilts inrepparttar 130517 heat, hangs limply inrepparttar 130518 rain and loses its style quickly.

Later that week, I happened to catchrepparttar 130519 talk show Maury. Women were onrepparttar 130520 show complaining about their hair. One young African American lady caught my attention. About 14 years old, she had wiry black hair. It sprouted out from her head and went all overrepparttar 130521 place. She cried as she told Maury that she had not had a comb in her hair in years because it got all tangled. I was shocked as she told Maury that insects landed in her hair and stayed there. And I thought I had problem hair.

After watchingrepparttar 130522 show, I started thinking about my hair and instead of viewing it as a problem I decided to focus onrepparttar 130523 assets. Ok my hair was very fine ... but that meant a couple minutes withrepparttar 130524 blow dryer was all it took to dry it. My hair grew very slowly ... but that meant I saved money when I got highlights because it took them forever to grow out. Also I would never have to pay for an "UPDO" because there was not enough hair to do up!

Make your own brown sugar body scrub

Written by Kenia Morales

To promote radiant, shiny skin tone it is advisable to exfoliate on a regular basis at least every 15 days. It removes dead cells and clears your skin. You'll loverepparttar results.


1/2 cup of brown sugar

1 spoon of orange oil or half a fresh squeeze orange

1 spoon of vitamin E oil Steps:

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