Self-Esteem - Does it really matter?

Written by Trainer Sally Foan

Self-esteem – does it really matter? By Trainer Sally Foan

Some people are full of confidence and able to meet evenrepparttar most difficult challenge with an air of authority. A good level of self-esteem is essential for us to function successfully in our professional and personal lives. Sally Foan, principle trainer at The People Tree, looks atrepparttar 141267 importance of self-esteem and how we can build on it…

Every day we make decisions based partly on our level of self-esteem, and exhibit that level to those around us in a variety of ways. This behaviour influences others and how people then react to us, perpetuatingrepparttar 141268 cycle.

Outside influences play a part in setting our level of self-esteem when we are children and as we grow up. These may have includedrepparttar 141269 opinions of parents, teachers, friends and family. What we need to do as adults is take a fresh look at our own opinion of ourselves. Is our long-held view accurate? Is our view ‘rose-tinted’ or unfairly negative? Bear in mind thatrepparttar 141270 feedback we grew up with may have been fatally flawed. What ifrepparttar 141271 people that influenced our self-worth were wrong? Perhaps we were bullied, or grew up in a challenging home which has left our self-confidence and self-esteem seriously dented.

As adults we haverepparttar 141272 opportunity to re-examine our level of self-esteem by seeking accurate feedback from people we respect. This process allows you to expand your understanding of yourself and this information can be valuable for fine tuning and optimising your performance inrepparttar 141273 workplace and beyond.

Top Tips

Setting goals and achieving them will boost your self-esteem. Identify your training aspirations (that will broaden your professional skills) and support your future goals.

So, what if you do haverepparttar 141274 potential to achieve more andrepparttar 141275 only barrier is your self-esteem or self-worth? What ifrepparttar 141276 things you’d realistically like to achieve are actually possible? Picture yourself and your future as one ofrepparttar 141277 enormous super tankers out at sea. These massive ships can take a great deal of time to change course. Someone inrepparttar 141278 bridge, atrepparttar 141279 helm, needs to plan well ahead to change course forrepparttar 141280 future destination. The captain must allow for overall stability, external conditions and operational planning. Don’t wait forrepparttar 141281 ‘perfect’ captain or manager to steer your career, you may wait forever, or you may already have one who is too challenged by tasks and workload to think for you. Takerepparttar 141282 helm yourself today and in a year’s time you’ll be glad you did. Top tips for improving your self esteem

Learn how to feel good about yourself Take time to remind yourself of allrepparttar 141283 things that you have accomplished. Remember your achievements and allrepparttar 141284 positive things that you do for yourself and others. We rarely hearrepparttar 141285 positives and yet we certainly hear any negatives – and remember them long after we have forgotten allrepparttar 141286 nice things said about us or our performance. If you are a manager remember that each of your team will have positives that you can praise; takerepparttar 141287 time to find and highlight these. "There isn't a ruler, a yard stick or a measuring tape inrepparttar 141288 entire world long enough to computerepparttar 141289 strength and capabilities inside you." PAUL MEYER

Surround yourself with good people Friendship based on mutual trust and respect is a fundamental boost to our self-confidence. Avoid people that continually put you down or make you feel small or low. “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” ELEANOR ROOSEVELT “Surround yourself with people who lift you higher.” OPRAH WINFREY

Star Wars Effect!

Written by Garry Munro

Star Wars effect!

In many waysrepparttar Star War movies are simply a reflection of everyday life on planet Earth.

Battles with inner conflict, jealousy, love, hate, passion, desire, laughter, drama, action, achieving goals, villains, friendship, success and failure.

Although we watch these movies for escapism, they also teach us about ourselves andrepparttar 141240 world around us.

I’m not suggesting that George Lucas is our extreme life or spiritual teacher but he has managed to get allrepparttar 141241 elements of life rolled into his movies.

We all aspire to be happier but it’s not always as simply as smiling and our problems disappear, life is full of constant challenges and changing events.

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