Self-Care for Adults with ADD: Put On Your Oxygen Mask

Written by ADD Coach Jennifer Koretsky

Take a moment to think about what happens when you get on an airplane. Beforerepparttar plane takes off,repparttar 150852 flight attendants outline safety procedures and inform you that, shouldrepparttar 150853 oxygen masks drop down, you must put yours on before you help anyone else. This is an excellent metaphor for self-care.

Many adults with ADD skimp on self-care. It’s not easy to balancerepparttar 150854 many demands of family, career, health, friends, and personal interests. Add ADD to that mix and you can get some very overwhelmed and overworked adults who sacrifice their own self-care in order to take care of everyone else -- and everything else -- around them.

Never feel guilty for putting on your oxygen mask and practicing self-care! When you take care of yourself, you function at a higher level. When you function at a higher level, you find yourself less overwhelmed and more prepared to deal with your ADD challenges, as well asrepparttar 150855 stresses of everyday life.

And when you are able to better manage and balance allrepparttar 150856 aspects of your life, there is much more ‘quality you’ available torepparttar 150857 people around you.

There are many components of self-care that one must pay attention to. Here are 3 very important elements:

The Basics

On average, do you getrepparttar 150858 sleep, nutrients, and exercise that your body requires? Sometimes, too little sleep can make you sluggish, but too much sleep can make you groggy. Excess sugar and caffeine can make you moody and speedy. And too little or too much exercise may leave you feeling tired.

It's difficult for most adults (with and without ADD) to balance proper sleep, nutrition, and exercise at all times, but most people agree thatrepparttar 150859 more time they spend paying attention to healthy habits,repparttar 150860 better they feel.

Medical Care

Some people choose to take ADD medication, and some people don't. This aspect of self-care isn't about medication. It's about your doctors -- from your general practitioner to your dentist!

Plastic Surgery - A Risky Business

Written by Steve Brink

Choosing to have plastic surgery on any area of your body is likely to be one ofrepparttar biggest decisions you will ever make, and should not be undertaken lightly. Like any other kind of medical procedure, there are risks involved, and these must be carefully weighed before surgery. When it boils down to basics, anyone considering plastic surgery must decide whetherrepparttar 150851 possibility of what they might gain is more powerful thanrepparttar 150852 risk of losing what they already have, however unattractive that might seem.

Medical science is, it seems, improving almost every day, and so plastic surgery does not now involverepparttar 150853 risks it once did. We all, however, have heard horror stories about people who have been permanently scarred by surgery that has gone wrong, and have even lost their lives. While we might all in theory say that we would give anything for a butt like J-Lo, we have to ask ourselves before surgery how realistic a statement this really is.

The best

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