Selecting the Right Climbing Gear: Harness

Written by Darron Robbins

A climbing harness attaches you to your climbing rope, so it's important that you know what harness you will need forrepparttar type of climbing you’ll be doing. Your harness should fit your body shape for comfort and safety. There are three general styles of climbing harnesses: Alpine, Sport, and multi-purpose. Construction varies among these categories to meet your specific needs. Women's and children's harnesses, for example, have special fit characteristics. The following suggestions will help you findrepparttar 150254 right harness.

Consider Your Climbing Style You should first deciderepparttar 150255 type of climbing that you will dorepparttar 150256 most often. Once you know your climbing style, you can selectrepparttar 150257 right harness for your needs.

Multi-Purpose – Multi-purpose harnesses are known as all-around, crag or sport harnesses. Multi-purpose harnesses are ideal for beginners because they are designed to for a number of climbing applications such as top-roping, sport and gym climbing. Most multi-purpose harnesses have padded leg loops and waistbelts for which provides more comfort, especially if you take a fall. Some multi-purpose harnesses have detachable leg loops which will allow you to detach your legs while remaining attached torepparttar 150258 rope. Most climbing harnesses have gear loops for carrying your climbing hardware such as carabiners, chalk bag, quickdraws etc. Multi-purpose harnesses will usually have a front loop that allows you to attach a belay/rappel device.

Alpine – Alpine climbing harnesses are made for long mountain trips. These harnesses are pretty basic and usually have minimal padding and very few extras so that they will be light weight and low bulk. Alpine harnesses have non-absorbent materials to withstandrepparttar 150259 rough environment of glacier and alpine climbing. The waistbelt and leg loops on alpine harnesses are very adjustable to make it easier to get in and out of whenrepparttar 150260 harness is not needed. The leg loops are sometimes removable so you can take toilet breaks while staying tied intorepparttar 150261 rope atrepparttar 150262 waist.

Big Wall – Big wall harnesses are for climbers doing multi-pitch, multi-day climbs such as those in Zion’s National Park or Yosemite Valley. Big wall harnesses will have lots of padding onrepparttar 150263 waistbelt and leg loops to relieve pressure during hanging belays or aid climbing. Big wall harnesses will also have multiple gear loops that will help put much ofrepparttar 150264 wait on your harness instead of on your shoulder gear sling. They usually have a full-strength haul loop in back for towing a rope or heavy gear bag.

Competition – Competition harnesses arerepparttar 150265 best choice for climbing competitions such as On Sight Difficulty or Speed Events. Competition harnesses have a slim design and narrow webbing to allow a full range of motion. A competition harness will typically have little padding and few, if any, frills or extras.

Compare Types of Harnesses Leg Loop/Waistbelt -- This popular style of harness consists of a padded waist (or "swami") belt and a pair of leg loops joined together in front with a belay loop. The waistbelt buckles in front or off torepparttar 150266 side, andrepparttar 150267 leg loops are typically held up in back ofrepparttar 150268 harness with elastic straps. Leg loop size may either be fixed or adjustable..

Full Body Harness -- Full-body harnesses are designed to keep you safe in a wide range of climbing activities. The harness holds your shoulders as well as your legs, preventing you from slipping out should you rotate upside down during a fall. Since full-body harnesses have a higher tie-in point than seat harnesses, they reducerepparttar 150269 chance of flipping over backward inrepparttar 150270 first place. Full body harnesses are often used in climbing safety courses to ensurerepparttar 150271 safety of beginners while they are learning to climb.

Chest Harness -- Chest harnesses are typically worn only on climbs where you could likely turn upside-down. Falling into a crevasse during a glacier climb or rappelling with a heavy pack are examples of such situations. The chest harness is made to be used in conjunction with a sit harness. The resulting combination isrepparttar 150272 same asrepparttar 150273 full-body harness, but withrepparttar 150274 versatility of adding or removingrepparttar 150275 chest portion, as needed.

Check Out the Teva Mountain Games

Written by Monica Marty

Televised sporting events have been common place for sports such as baseball, basketball, and football. However, other lesser known competitive sports are making their mark on cable television. Cable television networks such asrepparttar OLN are a welcome sight for passionate kayakers. OLN was proud to broadcastrepparttar 150079 “Teva Mountain Games” this past June. Kayakers, bikers, and rafters were among many adventure athletes that were showcased.

What arerepparttar 150080 Teva Mountain Games? The Teva Mountain Games isrepparttar 150081 premier outdoor adventure sports festival. Events include: kayaking, rafting, biking, climbing, trail running, adventure race, fishing, and even a dog challenge. The Teva Mountain Games were first held in 2003. This year’s competition took place in Vail, Colorado. The games consist of amateur and professional athletes. Arts and music are an important aspect ofrepparttar 150082 festival.

The kayaking event has a number of different races that test novice and advanced kayakers. There isrepparttar 150083 Kayak PaddleCross race where kayakers try to beatrepparttar 150084 clock and haverepparttar 150085 fastest time. Another race pits kayakers against each other as they battle it out over 200 meters of river. Kayaking fans will assuredly have plenty of kayaking events to experience. Attendingrepparttar 150086 Teva Mountain Games can boost your enthusiasm forrepparttar 150087 sport as you admirerepparttar 150088 skills of professional kayakers. If you are unable to attendrepparttar 150089 games, then don’t worry because OLN cable network has you covered.

Fans atrepparttar 150090 Teva Mountain Games can choose from seven other outdoor adventure sports to satisfy their sports craving. Whether you are an aficionado of rafting or trail running,repparttar 150091 games have spectacular events for you to enjoy. The outdoor sporting events arerepparttar 150092 mainstay ofrepparttar 150093 festival, but art and music events are also offered. There are concerts and nightlife parties that will entertain you untilrepparttar 150094 wee hours ofrepparttar 150095 morning.

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