Selecting the Perfect Big Screen TV

Written by Simon Canfield

Selecting a TV isn’t as easy as it used to be in years gone by. Rather than going torepparttar local department store and choosing a console that would take up a large portion of repparttar 137718 living room, we now have other options. Along with those options comesrepparttar 137719 chore of locating, comparing and narrowing down a multitude of models to justrepparttar 137720 right one for your viewing needs.

First, of course, you’ll need to considerrepparttar 137721 size ofrepparttar 137722 room which will houserepparttar 137723 unit. Since Big Screen TVs offer a much larger viewing scenario,repparttar 137724 room needs to be able to accommodate whichever model you choose. For instance, you might likerepparttar 137725 idea of a 60” screen, but you might only have enough space to accommodate one that measures 42”. Don’t makerepparttar 137726 mistake of purchasing one and then discovering that, as much as you thought you might be able to squeeze it intorepparttar 137727 room, it just won’t work.

Display type is another consideration when bringing such a system into your home. You’ll need to choose a glass tube or flat tube (the latter beingrepparttar 137728 more expensive). For higher viewing quality, you’d be better off withrepparttar 137729 flat tube variety. Direct-views are smaller with a brighter picture and wider viewing angle than their larger rear-projection counterparts. If you preferrepparttar 137730 rear-projection variety, however, they range in size from 40 to 82 inches diagonally. Those who likerepparttar 137731 idea of such a large picture – and haverepparttar 137732 room to house such a unit – will be happy withrepparttar 137733 82” variety.

Next, you’ll have to decide whether you prefer SDTD (Standard Definition Television), EDTV (Enhanced Definition Television) or HDTV (High Definition TV). The STD is really nothing more thanrepparttar 137734 usual type of television that has been in homes across America for years. The enhanced version is an upscale of that, but doesn’t quite offerrepparttar 137735 quality ofrepparttar 137736 HDTV variety. HDTV offers high definition viewing, and is touted as beingrepparttar 137737 best viewing experience that there is to offer torepparttar 137738 general public.

Baseball on Your Mobile Phone!

Written by Joi Sigers

If you're like us, you can't possibly get enough baseball -repparttar great American game. Especially if you happen to have a team you're particularly passionate about, be itrepparttar 137663 Cardinals, Cubs, Reds, Yankees,repparttar 137664 team from Boston (*sore St. Louis fan behindrepparttar 137665 keyboard*), etc. has come up with something that'll make your baseball loving heart skip a beat. There is an entire page dedicated to "Baseball on your Mobile Phone". The pricing is fan friendly (wish tickets would follow suit) and you can choose from any team you happen to love.

Here is a quick rundown of what you'll find available:

-Wallpapers featuring your team's colors and logo.

-Gameday audio - you can follow Albert Pujols to bat, and subsequently aroundrepparttar 137666 bases.

-Access live video and allrepparttar 137667 top plays. Scott Rolen makes another great play? You're there!

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