Segmenting Your Target Audience Through Your Copywriting

Written by Karon Thackston

by Karon Thackston © 2004

Ask any copywriter whatrepparttar first commandment of copywriting is and they’ll quickly tell you “Know Thy Target Audience.” In order to write effectively you have to know this one group of people and know them well. I guess that’s why many people get so frustrated when it seems they have more than one preferred customer base. One ofrepparttar 108085 most frequent questions I get asked is, “What if I have more than one target audience?” In all actuality, you probably don’t. You just have different segments ofrepparttar 108086 same audience.

Segmenting your target audience is a very common practice… almost expected even. Let me explain. Perhaps you sell a nutritional supplement. Think of allrepparttar 108087 people who might use your nutritional supplement. There are adults, pregnant women, growing teenagers, children, senior citizens, athletes, and many others. While all of these may seem to be entirely different target markets, they are actually just segments ofrepparttar 108088 same nutritional supplement market. These people all have a need and an interest in nutritional supplements, but for very different reasons.

While some ofrepparttar 108089 information you provide to each segment will be general and apply to everyone, other information will be specific to that particular segment.

Information Specific To Each Segment

For instance, everyone will want to knowrepparttar 108090 overall benefits of takingrepparttar 108091 nutritional supplement you offer. Perhaps they can expect to have more energy, lose a little weight, or prevent or cure certain diseases. Everyone cares about these benefits. But your nutritional supplement may offer other benefits that only certain customers would have a need/want for.

Pregnant women want a nutritional supplement that has high levels of folic acid and other nutrients that will aid their developing babies. Senior citizens may have a need for supplements that contain higher levels of calcium (and in a more readily absorbable form). Athletes burn a lot of nutrients and have a higher chance of getting injured so those things are important to them.

Makerepparttar 108092 information about your product or service specific to whateverrepparttar 108093 needs of each segment are. You can do this in specific ways through a variety of different advertising mediums.

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