Seeking Ideal Beauty

Written by Jeannine Schenewerk

Seeking Ideal Beauty

There seems to me to be definite parallels between this era, andrepparttar Elizabethan Age, when it comes to women, and their desperate struggle to either haltrepparttar 130305 natural aging of their appearance, or, to discover a miracle age-reversal method. Duringrepparttar 130306 sixteenth century, well-born women were obsessed with achieving, and maintaining, 'ideal' beauty, as they perceived it, torepparttar 130307 point of what we would call 'madness'. What was this ideal they so longed to possess? Youthful unlined alabaster skin, overly bright eyes, red cheeks and lips, andrepparttar 130308 fairest of hair colors. Add to these attributes, a high, arched, pale eyebrow, and high brow line. To achieverepparttar 130309 'look' of perfection, these women made use ofrepparttar 130310 period’s highly respected skin care techniques, andrepparttar 130311 finest cosmetics available to them, atrepparttar 130312 time.

First,repparttar 130313 hairline was plucked back, an inch or more. Next,repparttar 130314 eyebrows had to be plucked and arched, andrepparttar 130315 hair ofrepparttar 130316 head and eyebrows was then bleached out using a variety ofrepparttar 130317 most up-to-date bleaching agents, including urine, and sulfuric acid. Women, who could affordrepparttar 130318 high cost, purchasedrepparttar 130319 top ofrepparttar 130320 line skin whitener, 'ceruse', a mixture of white lead, and vinegar. This was used onrepparttar 130321 face, neck, bosom, and oftenrepparttar 130322 hands and arms as well. This concoction was used in conjunction withrepparttar 130323 'skin firmer' of choice, uncooked egg white. This noxious mess was then spread onrepparttar 130324 face, neck and bosom, and allowed to dry, to tighten, and hide wrinkles, and giverepparttar 130325 face a white, unlined, mask-like finish. To imitate a blush and pout of youthful beauty, vermilion (mercuric sulfide) was THE choice for lips and cheeks. Faintly traced veins were then added torepparttar 130326 skin surface ofrepparttar 130327 bosom, for that 'natural' look. Drops of belladonna were then administered torepparttar 130328 eyes, to achieve that desired 'sparkle', andrepparttar 130329 eyes were outlined in kohl. To care for their complexions,repparttar 130330 ladies made use of what was highly touted asrepparttar 130331 best cleanser. Mercury mixed with alum, and honey. Of course, a common practice wasrepparttar 130332 'facial peel', andrepparttar 130333 most widely used, and highly regarded peel agent, was mercury.

Why Won’t He Listen!

Written by Carol M. Welsh

You act or react to people based on how you perceive them. Those perceptions are influenced by your perceptual styles: Audio, Feeler, Visual, and Wholistic. The style withrepparttar highest score influences how you listen and communicaterepparttar 130303 most. For instance, when you speak to an Audio, you need to collect your thoughts so you can get torepparttar 130304 point as quickly as possible. If you ramble, he will tune you out or interrupt you by asking you to get torepparttar 130305 point. When you speak to a Visual, you need to show him what you are talking about or speak in descriptive terms so he can visualize what you are talking about. He needs to visualize each step or part ofrepparttar 130306 picture you are describing to understand. If you bombard him with too much information upfront, he will give you a blank stare because it put him on information overload, leading to frustration for both you and him. When you speak to a Feeler, it’s your tone of voice that he hears and remembers. If you start accusing him that he never listens, he will immediately feel uncomfortable because he wants to please you and obviously you are displeased. He might not listen because you are an Audio who can easily blurt out your feelings, often loudly or maybe in a sarcastic voice. The loudness or tone of voice intimidatesrepparttar 130307 Feeler so he may withdraw with hurt feelings. When you speak to a Wholistic, it’s best to get torepparttar 130308 point quickly or he might cut you off and finish your sentence because he thinks he knows what you are going to say. Often he’s right but when he’s not, you need to explain that, no, that wasn’t what you were going to say and to please not interrupt. What are your and his styles? Inrepparttar 130309 following table, rank each ofrepparttar 130310 perceptual styles from 1 – 5 for each “action” area. For instance, ifrepparttar 130311 description for Wholistic describes yourepparttar 130312 most, enter a “5” inrepparttar 130313 “Me” box. Ifrepparttar 130314 Audio description fits yourepparttar 130315 least, enter a “1” in that box and so forth. Then rank each ofrepparttar 130316 Four Perceptions as to how you perceive they describe him.

ActionsMeHimMeHimMeHimMeHim How you…Audio FeelerVisualWholistic Communicate:In direct manner with few details. Get torepparttar 130317 bottom line. May inter-rupt with “andrepparttar 130318 point is…?”Through touching. Describe feelings involved. Need details explained – don’t want to make a mistake.With expressive eyes. Prefer “show” over “tell.” Speak in descriptive detail. Like to talk, act out stories.Persuasively. Think out loud–talk to your-self. May interrupt a person and finishrepparttar 130319 sentence. How you…Audio FeelerVisualWholistic

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