Seeing Good or Available Partners

Written by Rinatta Paries

Singles frequently complain to me that *all* men or *all* women are...well, they don't use a very flattering description. Another version of this is, "There are no good men or women left." Or its cousins, "There are no good men or women where I live," and "Where do I find good men or women?"

My response is that we bring into our lives a reflection of what we believe and focus on. We are only able to see what we believe we will see. The belief comes first and thenrepparttar reality. If you subscribe to any version ofrepparttar 101866 above, you will make yourself right and create your experience accordingly.

Let me give you a simple example of what it's like to see what you focus on. When you admire or want a certain type of car, don't you see it everywhere? All those cars were there before you focused on them, never noticed by you. Your desire or admiration makes them more visible over other cars.

Now here's an example of seeing what you believe you will see. If you are expecting someone to be angry or unpleasant, don't they end up being that way? Perhaps they were not angry at all, or not angry at you. If you had no expectation of their behavior, would they behaverepparttar 101867 same?

Let's Play Monopoly

Written by Ronald C Smith


Read an interesting story last week about a guy who loves to play monopoly. The ‘interesting’ part was that he announces prior torepparttar game that he always cheats in monopoly. Everyone has a good chuckle andrepparttar 101865 game gets underway.

Well of course you guessed it, when Joe winsrepparttar 101866 game cleaning everyone out of their money and Real Estate, they moan that Joe didn’t play fair. Well, dah-h-h!

Now my daddy didn’t raise a dummie, so I like to think that I would not have joined that game of monopoly. I attended Annapolis, had a 20-year career inrepparttar 101867 Navy, mostly inrepparttar 101868 Intelligence field, and am now retired.

So naturally when I read onrepparttar 101869 Internet that “for a $5 monthly investment, you can have $109,000 a year for life”, I consider it another game of monopoly, and Joe/Owner has just admitted that he cheats.

Did this program get members? Oh, you bet they did. And they aren’trepparttar 101870 only game in town either.

I know that if I believe in miracles I can really “make $1000 commission with each sale”, “earn a 6 figure income in 90 days”, “…join and do nothing”. Another tells me I will be “left inrepparttar 101871 dust, or profit insanely”;repparttar 101872 choice is mine.

Ads now are popped up and popped under – annoyingly in-your-face with earning projections that wouldn’t pass a third grade math test.

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