Seecrets On Website Promotion: Results Of Open Source Marketing Plan After 2 Months

Written by Stan Seecrets

Dave Chase in his column at iMedia "Sugarshots: The Big Picture" expounded onrepparttar virtues of Open-Source Marketing Plan. In his article, Dave explainedrepparttar 149026 main ideas came from James Surowiecki's "The Wisdom of Crowds: Whyrepparttar 149027 Many Are Smarter thanrepparttar 149028 Few and How Collective Wisdom Shapes Business, Economies, Societies and Nations."

This authorís open-source marketing plan, as announced on June 29, 2005, is mainly for small and medium-sized businesses. By keeping it simple, this author hoped it can be useful to businesses with a limited budget, can get "more bang forrepparttar 149029 buck".

The objective is to gain 3000+ inbound links within one year by sending:- A. 48 free-reprint articles in one year. B. 4 free e-books in one year. C. 4 free software similar to corporate gifts or freebies D. 6 press releases in one year.

Getting many inbound links is vital as a hits generator - sources for new visitors. Sometimes, internet users on readingrepparttar 149030 articles, e-books or usingrepparttar 149031 freebies may visitrepparttar 149032 originating site directly.

The site started in early May 2005 with one article. Inrepparttar 149033 following two months, ten articles were submitted and two press releases were issued. All these are available at this authorís site withrepparttar 149034 dates concerned.

After two months, over 300 inbound links were obtained. It is difficult to be accurate because Google does not list back-links from sites with PageRank of less than three. Duringrepparttar 149035 first few weeks, counting was easy whenrepparttar 149036 number was less than 100.

The results fromrepparttar 149037 Google, Yahoo and MSN search engines on July 9, 2005 at 0800GMT are as follows (the figures withinrepparttar 149038 brackets representrepparttar 149039 total competing pages):

"Seecrets" got 1(7570), 1(1040) and 1(3681). "Stan seecrets" got 4(338), 1(215) and 1(737). "Joe Nogood" got 4(694000), 8(1330) and 1(2447). "Rebrand software" got NR(84000), 15(88800) and 11(31124). "Open source marketing plan" got NR(26.7million), 10(5.2million) and 12(1million). "Open source marketing plan" got 3&4, 6&7 and 2 throughrepparttar 149040 Press Release sites. (Please note that "NR" means not ranked inrepparttar 149041 top 20.).

The first three keywords (seecrets, stan seecrets and joe nogood) are important to this authorís siteís brand.

The keywords (joe nogood, rebrand software and open source marketing plan) were only introduced in late June 2005. The last two are relevant torepparttar 149042 siteís activities.

These arerepparttar 149043 preliminary results. Readers can always inspect this authorís website and decide that no unfair or illegal methods were used. Knowledgeable readers should be able to seerepparttar 149044 meta-tags with ease.

This authorís take

Whether these results are good or not, it is up torepparttar 149045 readers to decide. It can be a useful guide for website owners to improve upon and hopefully report back torepparttar 149046 Internet community.

Build Better Link Popularity with Syndicated Articles

Written by Scott Hawksworth

There are many schools of thought on how to build strong backlinks to a Web site. Some webmasters build reciprocal links, while others register their site in many directories. Still others do both of those, and rent links as well!

But one method used by a growing number of webmasters is that of building link popularity throughrepparttar syndication of original articles. Syndicated articles are becoming increasingly popular because article syndication builds permanent links from many different, topically related, keyword rich pages. There are several steps one can take in order to ensure that an article is syndicated as much as possible, and thatrepparttar 148965 links from those syndications are ofrepparttar 148966 highest quality.

1) Write High Quality Articles

The amount of syndication an article receives is directly proportional torepparttar 148967 demand for that type of article. Higher quality articles will prove more valuable to webmasters looking to reprint articles. Perfect spelling and grammar are requisite in order to ensurerepparttar 148968 widest syndication possible. Webmasters will be more inclined to reprint well-researched and well-written articles. Most articles are not ofrepparttar 148969 highest quality, so a higher quality article will stand out significantly.

Articles should be more than simply a place to put a link in a resource box. The goal of article writing should be to makerepparttar 148970 article itself interesting. An interesting article can be syndicated on websites with high traffic and PageRank. Increasing article syndication will causerepparttar 148971 link inrepparttar 148972 resource box to be copied by many Web sites.

In addition to building more links with higher quality articles, webmasters will find that quality content articles will result in an immediate traffic increase to a site. An article that is appealing to readers will naturally attract a large readership. The more readers an article has,repparttar 148973 more likely those readers are to click onrepparttar 148974 link inrepparttar 148975 resource box.

2) Manually Submit to Related Sites

Another technique used by many webmasters to increase an article's syndication is to submit articles to related sites. The best syndications and links come from quality sites in a specific niche, not simply article banks. For example, there are many Web sites that will only accept business-related articles. Any webmaster of a business-related website looking to build link popularity should write an article concerning business and submit it to these sites. Potentially, other business sites could take note of a high quality business article and syndicate it on their sites (which are all related underrepparttar 148976 unique subject of business). Doing this will build topically related links which can improve a Web siteís search engine rankings dramatically.

3) Write a Compelling Title

Articles have to be interesting in order to getrepparttar 148977 readers to scroll down torepparttar 148978 resource box, or inspire webmasters to reprintrepparttar 148979 article on their Web site. The best way to draw a wide variety of readers is to have a compelling title. Catchy titles and sometimes even controversial titles can draw more readers. Coupling a compelling title with a high quality article is an excellent way to attract readers specifically looking for articles to syndicate.

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