See the Birthday of Britney Spears & Other 1980s Star Babies

Written by Michael Cree

The 1980s was a glorious decade to sayrepparttar least. This decade initiated great cultural and technological advances which still are shapingrepparttar 109992 world in which we live today. Companies launched in this decade include CNN, MTV, USA Today, and technology unleashed in this decade wererepparttar 109993 video recorder, personal computer, compact discs, satellite dishes andrepparttar 109994 grandaddy of video games today - Pac-Man. Meanwhile, inrepparttar 109995 rest ofrepparttar 109996 country, babies were nursing, beggining to crawl, walk or talk. These were no ordinary babies - but Star Babies. Of course atrepparttar 109997 time they were oblivious to their potential andrepparttar 109998 influence that they would later have onrepparttar 109999 lives of all of us. What made these Star Babies different from allrepparttar 110000 other children who sharerepparttar 110001 same birthdates? Was it destiny, luck, hard work or a combination of all of these? You decide - meanwhile here arerepparttar 110002 birthdays ofrepparttar 110003 top young stars ofrepparttar 110004 early 1980s.

YOUNG STARS BORN 1980 - 1982

BORN IN 1980

1. Ashanti ( Douglas ), R&B Singer, 10/13/1980 2. Chelsea Clinton, Former First Daughter, 2/20/1980 3. Christina Aguilera, Pop Star, 12/18/1980 4. Christina Ricci, Actor, 2/12/1980 5. Michelle Kwan, Figure Skating Champion, 7/7/1980 6. Venus Williams, Tennis Champion, 6/7/1980 7. Jessica Simpson, Singer, 7/10/1980

Choosing the right HDTV antenna for you

Written by Kenny Hemphill

Choosing an HDTV antenna can be a frustrating business. However, if you prefer to receive HDTV through an antenna, rather than a satellite or cable subscription, there are a couple of things that will make life easier.

First of all, if you can, you should opt a roof or attic mounted HDTV antenna. This will give yourepparttar best chance of picking up a good signal and is a must if you a re in an area where signal strength is poor such where you live some distance away fromrepparttar 109991 nearest transmitter or where your signal is affected by hills or other environmental factors.

If an external HDTV antenna is not an option, perhaps because you live in an apartment or in a building of historic interest, then you'll have to go for an internal, set-top antenna.

Unfortunately, every HDTV antenna is not alike andrepparttar 109992 quality of your picture can vary greatly depending on which antenna you choose. So how do you know which one to go for? Perhapsrepparttar 109993 best way is to find out from people who already has an internal HDTV antenna, how it works for them. The best way is to talk to people you know - particularly those inrepparttar 109994 same apartment block. Failing that, user reviews onrepparttar 109995 Web are a good source.

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