See Your Way To Laser Eye Surgery

Written by Lee Dobbins

Electing to have corrective surgery on your eyes can be a great way to free yourself fromrepparttar daily grind of constantly cleaning off and adjusting your glasses or cleaning contact lenses. This type of corrective surgery is quite common these days and considered safe. Before you decide to have this procedure, you should do some research on bothrepparttar 138437 type of surgery andrepparttar 138438 doctor who you want to perform it. Types Of Laser Eye Surgery

Before you pick your Lasik Laser Eye Surgery Newark location, you should look atrepparttar 138439 different types of procedures. Three type of surgery you may want to consider include:

• LASIK or Laser-Assisted In Situ Keratomileusis isrepparttar 138440 most well known. This surgery cuts a flap inrepparttar 138441 cornea and reshapes it by removing tissue. It is a fast procedure with healing in a day or 2 and immediate improvement in eyesight.

• PRK or Photo Refractive Keratectomy isrepparttar 138442 procedure that has been aroundrepparttar 138443 longest. Cells are removed fromrepparttar 138444 cornea to reashape it and improve vision. It has a healing time of a month and vision improvement is not immediate but gradual over time.

• CK or Conductive Keratoplasty is a fairly new procedure. Uses radio frequency energy applied with a hair thin device to reshaperepparttar 138445 cornea. It is an extremely quick procedure with very quick healing.

Benefits Of Laser Eye Surgery

Written by Lee Dobbins

There’s so many benefits to being able to see naturally. Many people feel a new freedom to be able to simply wake up and see pastrepparttar bed sheets. You can swim and play sports much easier. Plus, you won’t have to spend all that money for new contacts or glasses!

Some Of The Benefits Of Laser Eye Surgery Include:

1.Unobstructed Vision – not having to peer aroundrepparttar 138436 frames of your glasses gives you better peripheral vision.

2.Self Esteem Boost – not wearing glasses makes many people feel more confident and boosts their self esteem and quality of life.

3.Easer To Play Sports – no more worrying that your glasses will break or a contact will pop out.

4.Save Money – No more purchasing contacts, solution, eyeglasses or cases. Afterrepparttar 138437 initial expense ofrepparttar 138438 surgery you will end up saving money inrepparttar 138439 long run.

Corrective eye surgery is generally safe but there are certain low risks and people that have certain conditions must not have this type of surgery. Your doctor will explain allrepparttar 138440 risks and asses if you are a good candidate forrepparttar 138441 surgery. Atrepparttar 138442 most extreme is loss of vision, but this is very rare and should not happen if your doctor evaluates you properly. Other risks include developing dry eye syndrome, loss of vision clearness or seeing permanent halos or fuzziness.

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