Seduce your wallet with free, cheap or half price mobile phone deals (safely)

Written by Duncan Elliott

You probably already know that mobile phone retailers are falling over themselves to better each others deals. You will see many websites and high street shops advertising free or discounted line rental offers for 6, 9, 12 even 14 months.

So how canrepparttar dealers make these seemingly crazy offers? First, you need to understand howrepparttar 149258 dealer gets paid and howrepparttar 149259 mobile phone industry works (just a little bit). The dealer gets paid byrepparttar 149260 network, based on what price plan (tariff) he connectsrepparttar 149261 customer to; a higher price plan means more money forrepparttar 149262 dealer.

Dealer Profit

Thenrepparttar 149263 dealer must pay forrepparttar 149264 cost ofrepparttar 149265 phone. A high quality and expensive phone means less profit forrepparttar 149266 dealer. The difference betweenrepparttar 149267 tariff commission andrepparttar 149268 cost ofrepparttar 149269 phone givesrepparttar 149270 dealers gross profit.

However,repparttar 149271 dealer must then pay any cashback money from this remaining commission. The dealer basically is 'betting' on how many customers will claim their cashback money afterrepparttar 149272 stated 6th/12th month (or as given);repparttar 149273 lowerrepparttar 149274 percentage of customers that claim,repparttar 149275 higherrepparttar 149276 dealers profits. The higherrepparttar 149277 percentage claiming,repparttar 149278 closerrepparttar 149279 dealer comes to going bust!

It is a fact that many are actually offering deals to customers that do not make them any money at all, and may make a loss. So how can they make this work?

Retailer goes bust without paying customer

The worrying problem is that some do not make it work, and have gone bust. Less reputable and unstable companies have not gotrepparttar 149280 balance right and had to pay out so much cashback that they simply do not haverepparttar 149281 money in their coffers to pay, and have closed shop leavingrepparttar 149282 customer without their cashback money.

In 2004 Mobile Republic went into administration allegedly for this very reason, and left many customers without their cashback.

Takerepparttar 149283 benefits of cheap offers but missrepparttar 149284 problems

Cell Phones Accessories - Get More...

Written by Martin Smith

Accessories can complete an outfit, dress up something like a purse, a coat or shoes. Accessories can also add torepparttar performance of something like a cell phone. Cell phones have almost as many accessories as Barbie does. Some accessories are practical, some are ornamental and some are just available.

Inrepparttar 149096 world of cell phones, there are accessories that are practical, they aid inrepparttar 149097 safe operation ofrepparttar 149098 phone or allow you to carryrepparttar 149099 phone safely. Some are there if you want them like downloadable ring tones. I have brokenrepparttar 149100 accessories down into groups to make it easier to describe them.

There are operational accessories. These accessories include battery chargers. Bear in mind these chargers are often phone and model specific so that they are not interchangeable. There are hands free kits that are easily installed in your vehicle. These enable you to talk onrepparttar 149101 phone and keep both hands onrepparttar 149102 wheel. There are antenna boosters that help to strengthenrepparttar 149103 signal between your phone and its cell tower. These are particularly good in areas where cell phone signals are not strong. Batteries are available for your cell phone but they are made specifically for your model and manufacturer of cell phones. An attachment is available to attach to your phone that will add some time on your battery when its low until you can get it charged again. There are speaker phone kits. These are attachments for your cell phone that allow you to talk onrepparttar 149104 phone without holding your handset in one hand and trying to control your vehicle withrepparttar 149105 other. There are a variety of dashboard mountable holders that can be placed within arms reach.

Cases and holders are available in various styles. There isrepparttar 149106 horizontal case that looks very much like an eyeglass cases. Vertical cases look like pocket eyeglass cases. Cell phone holsters are available for your belt or to be worn across you shoulder like you see policemen wear on television. Multi-use cases can be worn onrepparttar 149107 arm, on your thigh or on your wrist. These cases not only hold your cell but they can hold your license and maybe a few dollars. These cases are usually fastened with Velcro(tm).

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