Security Cameras For Your Peace of Mind

Written by Owen Gerrard

The reasons for installing cctv cameras arerepparttar same whether you own a home or business. Protecting your property, family and employees is probably atrepparttar 144094 top of your list of priorities. You’re notrepparttar 144095 only one that feels that way. Sales of home and business security systems have exploded in recent years. Even before 9/11, security system sales were onrepparttar 144096 rise. Afterrepparttar 144097 terrorist attacks, sales of home and business security cameras rose by as much as 20% overrepparttar 144098 course of three months.

The rise in sales of security cameras is justified byrepparttar 144099 results. Police in most major cities say thatrepparttar 144100 chances of a break-in or robbery are nearly cut in half byrepparttar 144101 presence of an obvious security camera onrepparttar 144102 premises. Business owners report that theft by both customers and employees is nearly eliminated when they installrepparttar 144103 right security camera system. And we’ve certainly all seenrepparttar 144104 dramatic footage taken by home security video cameras that have led torepparttar 144105 conviction of criminals who have abused children, burglarized homes or otherwise brokenrepparttar 144106 law.

What can security cameras do for your peace of mind?

Secure Your Business with a Security Camera System

You’ve seen them –repparttar 144107 ubiquitous, all-seeing eyes of a video surveillance system in local stores. The most obvious commercial use for a security camera is to prevent loss of merchandise through shoplifting and theft. It’s far fromrepparttar 144108 only way that security cameras are used in business, though.

Security cameras can log transactions atrepparttar 144109 cash register or ATM, monitor remote areas ofrepparttar 144110 plant for safety reasons, monitorrepparttar 144111 premises after hours and ensure that your employees are treating both you and your customers fairly. Evidence taken from security camera systems has been used as evidence in sexual harassment suits, burglary trials, even murder trials. The evidence isn’t always used to convict, either. In one case,repparttar 144112 security videotapes from a security video camera covering an employee parking lot were used to prove thatrepparttar 144113 car of an employee could NOT have been used in a hit and run accident that took place several blocks away – they showedrepparttar 144114 car parked in its usual spot every 2 minutes throughoutrepparttar 144115 entire day.

CCTV for the Home

Written by Owen Gerrard

Everything about housing is available online now, from home lighting options torepparttar types of laminate flooring available as well asrepparttar 144093 fashion trends in garden furniture.


Securing your property is one ofrepparttar 144094 growing domestic issues inrepparttar 144095 UK today. Some research suggests that at least one home is broken into every minute. Therefore, protecting homes and properties has become a priority andrepparttar 144096 advent of Closed Circuit Televisions or CCTVs is timely to sayrepparttar 144097 least and can be employed for this purpose.

What is CCTV exactly ? CCTV is a surveillance technology used initially to monitor commercial properties and public places, but has been adapted torepparttar 144098 residential property to help home security. It is basically a camera, or a network of linked cameras, that produce viewable and recordable images. It would be quite unusual for a comprehensive security system to be without CCTV. The cameras can interface with other systems such as alarms i.e.repparttar 144099 cameras can start recording when an alarm is triggered either automatically or by human intervention. Nowadays, wireless CCTVs systems are gaining popularity as they obviously do away with wiring systems and they are also easier to operate and maintain. They are also easier to protect from being compromised. The wireless cameras also allow for more flexibility and mobility, as it is much easier to install wireless cameras, even inrepparttar 144100 most inaccessible areas.

Another important development is that CCTV also facilitate remote monitoring i.e. you do not have to be on site to viewrepparttar 144101 images. So it is possible to view real time images of what is happening back home from your work place or on holiday, you need to type inrepparttar 144102 URL ofrepparttar 144103 server that controlsrepparttar 144104 wireless cameras from any browser. You can see these images just as easily on your mobile phone. Some security companies will also provide a service that monitorsrepparttar 144105 premises for you, so you effectively are rentingrepparttar 144106 equipment. That way you can keep up with any major technical advances.

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