Secure Your E-mail Systems - Protecting Against Port 25 Vulnerabilities

Written by CipherTrust

It goes without saying that e-mail plays a critical role in any organization. This relatively new communication technology has, by many accounts, replacedrepparttar telephone asrepparttar 109512 most useful business tool available. Unfortunately, e-mail has also been a victim of its own success and presents a unique threat torepparttar 109513 enterprise network as a whole.

Protecting networks from viruses and hackers has traditionally beenrepparttar 109514 responsibility ofrepparttar 109515 Firewalls, Virus Scanners, and Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) set up by enterprises as a defense againstrepparttar 109516 myriad attacks they come under each day. Virus scanners scan each PC inrepparttar 109517 network, gateway servers are guarded against attempts to gain access by locking down extraneous ports and firewalls prevent unauthorized programs from accessingrepparttar 109518 network. All these measures prevent direct attacks againstrepparttar 109519 network on every port except port 25 and port 110 –repparttar 109520 ports used by SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) and POP (Post Office Protocol) to transmit e-mail from one server to another.

Ports arerepparttar 109521 openings inrepparttar 109522 operating system through which applications connect to each other. When a firewall receives an e-mail connection on port 25, it generally assumes thatrepparttar 109523 transmission is e-mail and allows it to flow through torepparttar 109524 e-mail server. The transmission may be a valid e-mail, it could be a virus or a spam, or it could be a job offer for an employee or something much worse. Regardless ofrepparttar 109525 true intent ofrepparttar 109526 “e-mail”, at this point it is incumbent upon various systems withinrepparttar 109527 network to guard against these threats. Unfortunately, experience has taught us that partial success in these areas isrepparttar 109528 norm, notrepparttar 109529 exception.

Stop E-mail Threats at The Gateway

The best place to stop a threat is before it gets insiderepparttar 109530 network. Virus scanners are only as good as their latest update, and are virtually useless against new viruses that have yet to be identified. If a user does not update his virus definition list, then his machine will be infected. A pornographic spam will offend an employee when it slips throughrepparttar 109531 spam filter, andrepparttar 109532 job offer fromrepparttar 109533 competitor won’t go away oncerepparttar 109534 recipient has printed it out on her printer. The best way to prevent these malicious attacks is to stop them before they become a problem – atrepparttar 109535 gateway.

Stopping spam and other malicious e-mail traffic atrepparttar 109536 gateway requires a coordinated effort to solve a whole host of issues. These include, but are certainly not limited to, spam, viruses, corporate policy infringements, directory harvest attacks, denial of service attacks, phishing, spoofing, and snooping. Furthermore, accuracy in identifying spam e-mails is crucial. It is much better to receiverepparttar 109537 occasional spam than accidentally filter out an important e-mail from a customer.

Increase Efficiency with Intelligent Email Traffic Control

Written by CipherTrust

Work Smarter, Not Harder

CipherTrust’s IronMail has helped some ofrepparttar largest enterprises inrepparttar 109511 world stemrepparttar 109512 flood of spam to their end users, as well as address a host of other e-mail threats. IronMail’s unique Spam Profiler tool provides maximum effectiveness by scrutinizing thousands of characteristics of every message to determine a spam score. Butrepparttar 109513 challenges for enterprises today do not stop at identifying and blocking spam. With spam volumes continuing to increase at an incredible rate,repparttar 109514 new challenge is to more efficiently handlerepparttar 109515 huge volumes of mail, without increasing costs.

The massive growth in spam in recent years is expected to continue exponentially well intorepparttar 109516 future. According to Radicati Group research,repparttar 109517 average corporate e-mail user sends 34 e-mails and receives 99 e-mails every day, a 53% increase over numbers from just one year ago. E-Marketer expectsrepparttar 109518 total volume of e-mail sent in 2004 to exceed two trillion messages, with steady growth rates of 13 to 15 percent annually through 2007. With this sort of massive e-mail volume traveling acrossrepparttar 109519 Internet andrepparttar 109520 reality that a vast majority is undesired,repparttar 109521 need for accurate and thorough spam protection has never been greater.

To handlerepparttar 109522 additional traffic, you could add more mail servers, or you could become smarter about how you utilizerepparttar 109523 equipment you already have, and double your return on investment. IronMail’s Connection Control isrepparttar 109524 first and only offering to combine network-based traffic shaping and reputation services to elegantly block e-mail from senders who consistently send spam. Reputation servers and traffic shaping are both emerging technologies inrepparttar 109525 fight against spam, and IronMail isrepparttar 109526 first product to effectively integrate them to fight spam and stop e-mail threats. And, Connection Control even offers an opportunity for a little payback against spammers.

Slamrepparttar 109527 Spammer

Connection Control takesrepparttar 109528 fight torepparttar 109529 spammers by forcing them to spend extra time and money to send spam. By removingrepparttar 109530 financial incentive of sending spam, IronMail forces spammers to rethink their approach or halt operations altogether. When dealing with spam assaults on their servers, network administrators can choose whether to take an offensive or defensive approach:

  • Tough Defense – In defense mode, Connection Control will simply not accept messages from IP addresses flagged as violators forrepparttar 109531 designated time interval. This vastly reducesrepparttar 109532 number of messages requiring scanning, which lowersrepparttar 109533 cost of spam defense forrepparttar 109534 customer.
  • Aggressive Offense – In offense mode, Connection Control turnsrepparttar 109535 tables on spammers by accepting a connection, but slowingrepparttar 109536 flow of e-mail to a handful of messages per hour. This forcesrepparttar 109537 spammer to expend resources despiterepparttar 109538 message having no chance of success. In this mode, Connection Control makes domains protected by IronMail very unprofitable targets for spammers.

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