Secrets to a higher "Conversion Ratio"

Written by David McKenzie

As an affiliate promoting affiliate programs you need to know repparttar conversion ratio of each program you belong to.

It is something you have control over.

But what exactly is a conversion ratio?

For affiliate programs,repparttar 102565 conversion ratio (or CR) isrepparttar 102566 number of visitors that click through your affiliate link compared torepparttar 102567 number of sales you make.

For instance if you had 100 visitors to one of your affiliate programs you were promoting and got 1 sale then your CR would be 1%.

One sale for every 50 visitors would be a CR of 2% and one sale for every 200 visitors would be a CR of 0.5%.

So what would be a good conversion ratio for an affiliate program?

Well after much research I have seen that a 1% CR is quite acceptable. A CR of 0.5% would be a little low and if you have a CR of 3% then you are on to a winning affiliate program.

Depending on what you are promoting your goal should be to achieve a CR of 1% to 2%. But how?

To get a higher CR you need to concentrate onrepparttar 102568 following factors:

1. Join quality affiliate programs that have products or services that are proven sellers onrepparttar 102569 internet.

2. Become an affiliate of a HOT selling product or service including marketing, travel, health & fitness and e-books.

Quality Affiliate Programs, Anyone?

Written by Dom Vonarburg

More and more webmasters and website owners are using affiliate programs as a way to earn extra income online. However, not all affiliate programs are created equal. Some will send you nice checks every month where others will essentially rob you. This article will help you tell them apart.

The reason affiliate programs are so popular is because they are very easy to set up. Most ofrepparttar time, all you have to do is fill out a simple sign-up form and paste a few lines of html code into your site.

But because it is so easy everybody does it, and too often without questioningrepparttar 102564 program. Here are 8 important factors you should consider before joining any affiliate program:

1) The Fit

First and foremost,repparttar 102565 product or service ofrepparttar 102566 affiliate program must fitrepparttar 102567 audience of your site. A close match will always yield better performance.

2) The Commission

Of courserepparttar 102568 commission needs to be reasonable. The commission isrepparttar 102569 percentage ofrepparttar 102570 price ofrepparttar 102571 product that you will receive for initiatingrepparttar 102572 sale. A reasonable commission starts at 20%, but can go as high as 50%. In addition, some affiliate programs will also pay you a second tier commission, that'srepparttar 102573 commission you make on sales initiated not by you directly, but by someone you referred torepparttar 102574 affiliate program.

3) The Product Price

It's wonderful to find a program that gives you a 50% commission, but ifrepparttar 102575 product is too expensive, no one will buy it. Similarly, ifrepparttar 102576 price is very low, many people will buy it, but your 50% commission will be very small as well. Your goal is to find a very useful product with a fair price.

4) The Product Quality

Here too, ifrepparttar 102577 quality and usefulness ofrepparttar 102578 product are low, few people will be interested. In addition,repparttar 102579 refund rate will be higher for such product. But more importantly, you don't want to associate your business with low quality.

5) Referral Duration

This is probablyrepparttar 102580 most important and all too often overlooked aspect of an affiliate program. After you've referred a visitor to a site, how long doesrepparttar 102581 site continue to "remember" you asrepparttar 102582 referrer of that visitor? Believe it or not, some affiliate programs won't remember you at all. This means that ifrepparttar 102583 visitor you referred did not buy directly on their first visit torepparttar 102584 site, you will never get a commission for that referral, even if that visitor went back torepparttar 102585 site later that day to purchaserepparttar 102586 product. A good affiliate program should at least remember you for 60 days. The "remembering" is done by setting a cookie onrepparttar 102587 visitor's computer when they click onrepparttar 102588 product ad on your site. Beware of affiliate programs that don't mention anything about this cookie and its duration.

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