Secrets to a Stress Free Holiday

Written by Patricia Twitchell

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SECRETS TO A STRESS FREE HOLIDAY SEASON By Patricia Twitchell December and allrepparttar 125401 excitement that comes with it can either be one ofrepparttar 125402 most pleasant times of year or one ofrepparttar 125403 most stressful. Even thoughrepparttar 125404 holidays are a couple of months away, there are things you can do to make it an extremely pleasant season.

Forrepparttar 125405 ten plus years I have owned and operated Just Bears and Stuff, I have been witness to those people who plan ahead when it comes to buying gifts. Then there are those who wait untilrepparttar 125406 last minute. Although we love both types of customers, experience tells me those who plan ahead arerepparttar 125407 ones who seem to most enjoyrepparttar 125408 festivities that await them.

If you are planning on buying gifts this year, start with making a list of everyone you will be giving something to. You can writerepparttar 125409 list for both personal gift giving and those people who are more of a professional type relationship.

Once you writerepparttar 125410 list, organize it into two groups. One would berepparttar 125411 easiest to buy for andrepparttar 125412 otherrepparttar 125413 most difficult. Some people prefer to search outrepparttar 125414 most difficult gifts first in order to reducerepparttar 125415 pressure associated with finding things.

Still others will buy everything at once to avoid going back to stores while there are some people who prefer to do a little bit each time they go out. By having a list and checking off those names you have found a gift for you will quickly see how much you are accomplishing.

Another time saver can be to make one trip torepparttar 125416 store to get all your gift wrapping accessories. Bows, boxes, ribbon, paper, tape, and name tags are just a few ofrepparttar 125417 items you will need to consider.

One Womanís Story of How Her Smile Increased Her Confidence

Written by Kathleen Gage

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One Womanís Story of How Her Smile Increased Her Confidence By Kathleen Gage

For one who takes pride in being involved with different community organizations, possessing a high level of confidence is essential. Especially when that involvement includes speaking to large and small groups requesting donations for numerous non-profit organizations.

Such isrepparttar 125400 case with Teresa Bock, Assistant Vice President of Wells Fargo Bankís Olympus Hills Office in Salt Lake City. Not only is confidence a key to her success with allrepparttar 125401 community work she does, it is vital in her professional position.

When one first meets Teresa, they encounter a woman who is constantly smiling. This wasnít alwaysrepparttar 125402 case. Before marrying media personality Tom Bock, Teresa overcame numerous obstacles in her life.

At age seven, Teresa became completely deaf in her right ear due to Scarlet Fever. During that same period she lost most ofrepparttar 125403 hearing in her left ear. Teresa has so beautifully conqueredrepparttar 125404 command of her ability to communicate, most people would have no idea she is a master lip reader unless she tells them.

Another obstacle Teresa overcame was her struggle to make ends meet with two small children from a previous marriage. With food and shelter as a priority there were many things that were put onrepparttar 125405 back burner until they became absolutely necessary. Things like visits to a dentist. During those trying times dental visits were strictly for emergency and maintenance purposes. Although Teresa secretly desired a smile that would turn heads, withrepparttar 125406 incredible financial pressures that come with being a single mom, she wondered if obtaining a beautiful smile would ever be within reach.

With a strong drive to succeed, Teresa began her career in banking in 1987 as a teller. Taking on her career challenges withrepparttar 125407 same zest that she took on her physical challenges, Teresa found opportunities to move up inrepparttar 125408 banking industry as well as continue her involvement with non-profit organizations. During her employment, she learned that Wells Fargo has an ongoing commitment to giving back torepparttar 125409 community. Seeing an opportunity to develop a career and contribute to her community, Teresa knew she had found a great match for her lifeís passions.

It was during this time she met Tom Bock. What started out as two single parents enjoying each otherís company blossomed into love and marriage. In 2000, they married, bringing together a combined family of five children eight grandchildren. A strong tie for their marriage is love and respect for their individual interests andrepparttar 125410 fact both Tom and Teresa are actively involved in giving back torepparttar 125411 community.

Not being one to settle for giving her energy to one organization, Teresa has been involved with Ballet West, Ririe-Woodbury Dance Company, Living Planet Aquarium, Audiologist Association, NAWBO (National Association of Women Business Owners) and various Chamber of Commerce organizations. She is absolutely convinced that being able to communicate both in one-on-one and public situations is critical to achievingrepparttar 125412 greatest outcome when it relates to raising money for an organization.

Not one to let go of her dreams, Teresa was also convinced that an improved smile would directly impact her confidence level. Although she hadrepparttar 125413 desire to have her smile cosmetically improved,repparttar 125414 cost was still a huge consideration.

What first sparked Teresaís interest in a smile makeover were pictures of people who didnít have obvious black lines near their gum lines. She also had a distinct taste of aluminum in her mouth. Having been to countless dentists overrepparttar 125415 years not one of them ever took time to explain what this was about. That is until she was introduced to Dr. Scott Kiser.

Teresa was referred to Dr. Kiser by a friend. She was so confident in his recommendations she didnít bother with a second opinion even though he recommended she do so. She knew he was fair and would dorepparttar 125416 right thing.

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