Secrets to Using Popup Pages

Written by David McKenzie

Many affiliates run their own newsletters, often producing them either once a week, or once or twice a month. Byrepparttar way if you donít already run a newsletter, you should! Their constant struggle is to increase subscriber numbers. I know, because this is my constant struggle. You probably already are very familiar with Popup Pages. But for those who arenít, they are separate pages that popup usually when you either enter a site or exit a site. I have been reluctant to use popups inrepparttar 125146 past for fear ofrepparttar 125147 backlash that might eventuate. I know many people hate them. In fact some people hate them so much they have installed software on their computer to prevent popups popping up! So I struggled on, gaining many new subscribers each month and building my ezine. But it just didnít seem that I was gaining as many subscribers as I should have. I had read how some people really lived for popups. They stated they increased their subscriber numbers and / or sales dramatically. Anyway, a few months ago I thought ďOh heck, Iíll give these popups a shot.Ē Wow!! Is a complete understatement of my reaction to their

3 Techniques to Put Your "Resource Box" on Autopilot

Written by David McKenzie

If you write articles then you also write resource boxes. Do you think much about what you put in your resource box? In fact, do you think much aboutrepparttar resource box at all?

If not, then you should. It is probablyrepparttar 125145 most important part of your article!

But what should you put in your resource box?

Here are 3 effective techniques to use your resource box to its maximum potential. Remember,repparttar 125146 resource box is a call to action. Write it so your reader takes action. That action should be either to send an email or visit a web site.

1. Join Your Newsletter

Write a couple of different resource boxes that enable people to subscribe to your newsletter. Make sure you have sign up instructions, a link back to your web site (where they can sign up there if they want to) and try to give something away for free. Telling your visitor they are going to get something for free when they sign up is a great way to encourage subscribers to subscribe.

All this information needs to go inrepparttar 125147 resource box so make it compact and catchy.

2. Sell Something

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