Secrets to Make your Dishwasher Clean Perfectly

Written by Donald Grummett

December 20,2004

As a service company we are constantly asked, “Why doesn’t my dishwasher clean better”. To this query we offerrepparttar following insights and suggestions.

Whenever we diagnose a “poor cleaning” complaintrepparttar 100062 main things we want to know are:

1 Isrepparttar 100063 water hot enough? 2 Using a proper detergent? 3 Using a rinse additive? 4 Using proper loading practices? 1 Water temperature

Most manufacturers suggest a minimum 120 Fahrenheit forrepparttar 100064 dishwasher to beginrepparttar 100065 cleaning process, 140 to remove food soiling, and 155 to sanitize and remove bacteria. In restaurants they boostrepparttar 100066 dishwasher temperature to 180 Fahrenheit to satisfy health requirements. Consumers misunderstanding these requirements have led to problems forrepparttar 100067 household dishwasher.

In a dishwasherrepparttar 100068 temperature ofrepparttar 100069 wash water is paramount. Unfortunately, It is now common to find household water temperatures of only 100 Fahrenheit, or less.

Many people have lowered their household water temperature in an effort to be conscientious consumers. Yes, it lowers electrical consumption. Unfortunately it has other consequences.

Manufacturers say it does not provide enough heat to clean dishes properly and can leave them covered in bacteria and food residue. Supporters of lower water temperatures claim it is both environmentally friendly and necessary to protect children from any possibility of scalding at bath time.

One ofrepparttar 100070 latest ideas is a mixing valve added to hot water tanks. It is preset and will not allow temperatures in excess of 115 Fahrenheit. It does this by mixing cold water withrepparttar 100071 hot to maintain this preset maximum.

This debate over hot water tank temperatures has resulted in a catch 22 type scenario. Lowerrepparttar 100072 temperature to lower consumption and be more child safe, but end up leaving bacteria onrepparttar 100073 plates we use to eat.

Low water temperature can also affectrepparttar 100074 cycle length. If too lowrepparttar 100075 dishwasher may keep stopping to try and heatrepparttar 100076 water. A normal cycle of 40 minutes could be extended to 2 or 3 hours with allrepparttar 100077 heating delays. Some dishwashers may stall completely.

2 Using proper detergent

Gel or crystal,repparttar 100078 choice is yours. Both seem to work equally well.

Crystal is less messy, while gel will dissolve quicker withrepparttar 100079 water. If your water temperature is low (as described above) gel may be a choice because it will mix better.

If using crystal detergent be aware that it can pick up moisture fromrepparttar 100080 air. When this happens it will swell up and become lumpy or harden. These lumps will be difficult to break down and will not fully dissolve. If at cycle’s end you see detergent left inside it may be evidence of hardened crystals.

Additional evidence of moisture buildup can be seen ifrepparttar 100081 box itself appears to be swollen. If seen, replace immediately with a fresh box.

A box of detergent should be consumed within 2-3 months. If not throw it away and buy a new one. Matchrepparttar 100082 box size to your needs. Do not buy a large box just because it is on sale. If you have to throw most of it away, it wasn’t much of a bargain.

Some detergent manufacturers now offer a product that combinesrepparttar 100083 detergent withrepparttar 100084 rinse additive. Others offer a detergent that includes a special grease-dissolving agent. Still others are in a tab form, or inside a dissolvable plastic pouch. Whichever form you preferrepparttar 100085 one thing we always stress is, “when you find one that works for you stick with it … even if it costs more than others”.

Also dishwashing detergent and dishwasher detergent are not interchangeable. Trying to do so will cause problems. Each type of detergent is formulated to do a specific job.

“Dishwashing detergent” isrepparttar 100086 one used to wash dishes inrepparttar 100087 sink is. It is definitely not meant forrepparttar 100088 dishwasher. Anyone who has ever mistakenly put it intorepparttar 100089 dishwasher can attest torepparttar 100090 mess this will produce. The beating action ofrepparttar 100091 water will produce massive amounts of suds. This results inrepparttar 100092 dishwasher flooding outrepparttar 100093 door and acrossrepparttar 100094 kitchen floor.

Single pane Window glass repair in an aluminum frame

Written by John Rocco

Happy new year everybody. I hope this isrepparttar year that you all find whatever it is that you are seeking in life. I really enjoyed seeing my family this holiday season, but two weeks is about all i can handle. I'm definitely glad to be back here inrepparttar 100061 beautiful Pacific Northwest. Let's suppose you still have those old aluminum single pane windows in your house,and one ofrepparttar 100062 neighbor kids throws a ball through it. ( Your kid would never do that!) Depending on where you live inrepparttar 100063 country, you can pay anywhere from $75 to $150 to get it repaired. Well, if you're willing to spend an hour or two, you can getrepparttar 100064 window fixed for around $20 or $30. I'm not going to try and explain how to cut your own glass. I am going to explain how to getrepparttar 100065 old glass out, measure forrepparttar 100066 new glass, and installrepparttar 100067 replacement glass. So, let's use this article to explainrepparttar 100068 most common type of aluminum frame window.

If you have a sliding window, one ofrepparttar 100069 panels will be stationary, andrepparttar 100070 other will slide back and forth. Ifrepparttar 100071 slider isrepparttar 100072 one broken, you simply lift up and swingrepparttar 100073 bottom out. Ifrepparttar 100074 bottom won't come out, check for rollers on top. Sometimesrepparttar 100075 top rollers are adjusted up sorepparttar 100076 slider can't be removed. Just loosenrepparttar 100077 screw holdingrepparttar 100078 roller in place and lift up with some force. That should pushrepparttar 100079 rollers down, allowing you to removerepparttar 100080 panel. Layrepparttar 100081 panel on a table and measurerepparttar 100082 width and height ofrepparttar 100083 glass only. Take this measurement and add 1/2" to bothrepparttar 100084 width and height. This isrepparttar 100085 size ofrepparttar 100086 new glass that you need to order. Measurerepparttar 100087 thickness ofrepparttar 100088 old glass. It will either be 1/8" or a little less than that. The thin glass is called single strength and is actually about 3/32". The 1/8" glass is called double strength glass. Be sure to orderrepparttar 100089 right one. If you order double strength glass because you figure it's stronger thanrepparttar 100090 old single strength piece, you are going to have a devil of a time puttingrepparttar 100091 frame back together. That tiny 1/32" difference can be a real pain inrepparttar 100092 neck. Trust me, you want to replace single strength with single strength.

Now, it's time to takerepparttar 100093 frame apart and remove all ofrepparttar 100094 old glass. Make sure to put on a heavy pair of gloves to avoid getting cut. You will find a screw in each corner of your frame. You want to remove two of these screws in opposite corners. So, if you removerepparttar 100095 bottom left screw, you need to also removerepparttar 100096 top right one. Now, take a rubber mallet, slide one ofrepparttar 100097 corners offrepparttar 100098 table that hasrepparttar 100099 screw removed, and taprepparttar 100100 frame to separate it fromrepparttar 100101 glass. Set that half ofrepparttar 100102 frame aside, then dorepparttar 100103 same thing torepparttar 100104 other half. Now you should have two halves ofrepparttar 100105 frame, a piece of rubber, and lots of glass. Throw away allrepparttar 100106 glass, then clean outrepparttar 100107 rubber, making certain to get every piece of glass out of there.

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