Secrets to Getting MORE Search Engine Hits

Written by Chris Small

Every Website owner would like to get more traffic fromrepparttar Search Engines. But it's getting tougher and tougher to get a good listing these days. There are over 2.1 Billion other webpages and documents online right now. And that number is growing by 7 million pages per day.

Most of us don't haverepparttar 128429 time or expertise to carefully edit and reeditrepparttar 128430 keywords and meta tags for each engines specific criteria.

Inrepparttar 128431 past I had spent many hours trackingrepparttar 128432 words and phrases that came up highest inrepparttar 128433 search engines. I then valiantly attempted to work my site content, key words and meta tags to reflect these words. The results were mediocre at best. It seems that there were thousands and thousands of other webmasters with exactlyrepparttar 128434 same idea. It is extremely difficult to get a top 20 listing for a very popular search word.

Until recently I had pretty much given up on expecting traffic of any significance fromrepparttar 128435 Search Engines.

DISCLAIMER: I am not an expert on Search Engine rankings. The following information is strictly based on my own personal experiences and those of a few friends. Even though these techniques have worked well for me, it is possible that they may not be applicable to your particular site. There is nothing for sale here. This is purely for your own education.

An Accidental Discovery

Quite by accident I stumbled upon a technique that brings in a LOT of Search Engine hits to my site.

I have created a small library of reports on Internet Marketing. The intention is to assist website owners with their marketing efforts. I wanted to provide a great source of relevant material that would bring them back again and again. Ezine publishers and other site owners were also encouraged to copy these articles and publish them.

This does work quite well on it's own, but I've been noticing that a lot of people are finding these reports fromrepparttar 128436 Search Engines. The hits are happening from obscure search terms that most other sites aren't using. There's little competition for them so my site gets a very nice ranking. Sometimes it's listed inrepparttar 128437 number seven position, sometimes it's inrepparttar 128438 seventeenth spot. It could even be a number three listing. In some cases I've even achieved a number one ranking in a few ofrepparttar 128439 major Search Engines. This has been a very pleasant bonus.

Keep reading, we'll be going intorepparttar 128440 specifics shortly. But before we go too much further, let me explain that this technique does not usually bring in thousands of hits. It can however bring in hundreds of extra hits that a site might normally not get.

What Web Searchers Really Want

When you go to a Search Engine, how many times are you looking specifically for something to buy or for an affiliate program to join? If you're like me that's not why you're at repparttar 128441 Search Engine. You're there to find information onrepparttar 128442 topic of your interest - and it should be FREE!


Let's say that you want a Super recipe for Chicken Soup. Are you going to search for a cook book? Not likely. You wantrepparttar 128443 recipe notrepparttar 128444 book. BUT, while you are reading repparttar 128445 recipe it is possible that you could be tempted to look at a cook book for sale - or a cooking pot, or a set of oven mitts, or ..... well you getrepparttar 128446 idea.

Are Those In Search Of The Success Enjoyed By Search Engines Misled?

Written by Dale Armin Miller

Are you misled byrepparttar success of search engines?

Most webmasters seem to be.

Of course, several ofrepparttar 128428 most-visited sites onrepparttar 128429 Internet are indeed search engines or directories.

"And what do engines and directories have? A zillion unrelated links to everything. Therefore, I'll do something like that."


People don't go to engines or directories to find a lot of links. Most often, a visit is to findrepparttar 128430 answer to one, single question.

Yet most ofrepparttar 128431 websites I see are crammed with as much stuff as possible. A second problem is that much of it is unrelated.

I have half-a-dozen websites, including some that are amongrepparttar 128432 most popular onrepparttar 128433 web. Not top 10%; not top 1%; but top 0.1%! I don't say that to brag (well, at least I hope not); I say that to to emphasize that part of their success is because each deals with one, single, narrowly defined topic.

Even two subjects is too many:

I'll pretend I understand why you want to promote, describe, and extollrepparttar 128434 virtues of a particular long-distance telephone service. And I certainly understandrepparttar 128435 need for a webpage onrepparttar 128436 medieval history of Luxembourg. (Really.) But why are they onrepparttar 128437 same webpage? Why are they even inrepparttar 128438 same site?

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