Secrets to Building Massive Opt-in Lists

Written by Shelley Lowery

An opt-in list isrepparttar absolute most effective marketing tool available onrepparttar 124293 Internet. Not only do they provide you with a direct line of communication with your target market, but they also enable you to develop a trusting relationship with your subscribers.

The key to using an opt-in list effectively is to develop a large subscriber base. Not just a large subscriber base, but a list of targeted potential customers.

Although a large opt-in list is an important part of your success,repparttar 124294 quality of your publication is even more important -- both will play a very important role.

If you really want to build a massive opt-in list, you MUST provide your potential subscribers with an incentive. The competition onrepparttar 124295 Internet is fierce. No longer can you simply tell your visitors what your publication will provide and expect a large percentage to subscribe. It simply won't work. You MUST give your visitors a reason to subscribe.

=> Incentives

Using incentives is a highly effective method of obtaining new subscribers. However, your incentive must be of value and be of interest to your target audience.

Some popular incentives include:

* Exclusive ebooks that provide valuable information

* Special exclusive reports

* Special software programs

* Access to a "members only" area of your website

* Provide a service

* List their website within your Directory or Search Engine.

In order for your visitors to receive your incentive, they must agree to receive your publication.

=> Pop-Windows

Although pop-windows can be irritating if not used correctly, they provide a highly effective means of obtaining new subscribers. The key to using pop-windows effectively is to combine them with your incentives.

If you would be interested in adding a pop-window to your site, I highly recommendrepparttar 124296 "Pop-Window Generator" at This powerful online utility will enable you to fill out a simple form and instantly generaterepparttar 124297 pop- window code for your pages. This generator will enable you to selectrepparttar 124298 type of pop-window, setrepparttar 124299 length of cookies, and completely customizerepparttar 124300 look and feel of your window. The only requirement to use this free utility is that you must be a subscriber of WillMaster Possibilities. This is a great publication and I highly recommend subscribing.

This is a prime example of using incentives...

=> Alert Boxes

Although using pop-windows with incentives is a highly effective method of obtaining new subscribers, there is one other method that is even better. When combined with an incentive, this method will literally double or even triple your subscriptions instantly. That's not hype -- it's fact, as I use this method to obtain hundreds of new subscribers each week. It's similar to a pop-window, but it doesn't require your visitor to fill out a form.

When a visitor enters your site, an alert box will appear. This alert box should display text requesting their subscription and information about your incentive. Your visitor can choose to click on "OK" to subscribe or "Cancel" to closerepparttar 124301 alert.

How To Turn an Ezine Advertising Strategy Into Thousands of Dollars Overnite!

Written by Marc Goldman

OK, so we have all heardrepparttar clamors from people who have made money from placing ads in ezines. The process is simple enough. You have a product or service (or an affiliate program of which you are a member) and you also have a small classified ad promotingrepparttar 124292 benefits of said product or service. You pay to advertise in ezines that have a circulation comprised ofrepparttar 124293 audience you wish to target.

This sounds easy enough but these days ezine advertising has become so competitive that a smart marketer needs to rethink his/her ezine advertising strategy. This is necessary in order to stand apart from repparttar 124294 competition, reach an audience of targeted customers and continue to reaprepparttar 124295 overwhelming benefits resulting from this highly effective medium.

One ofrepparttar 124296 biggest problems with traditional ezine advertising isrepparttar 124297 fact that your ad gets sandwiched in between 5-15 other ads of similar content. This naturally dramatically decreasesrepparttar 124298 effectiveness of your ad.

Not to mentionrepparttar 124299 fact that with so many affiliate programs in existence, competition between affiliates has escalated to new heights leading to many affiliates ofrepparttar 124300 same program saturating a once responsive market through their ezine advertising campaigns.

This has lead to decreased revenues forrepparttar 124301 affiliates and public apathy forrepparttar 124302 product/service. The situation has gotten so competitive that not only once but on several occasions I have witnessed ezines publishrepparttar 124303 exact same ad for an affiliate program (with different affiliate I.D.'s) all inrepparttar 124304 very same issue. How can this possibly benefit those advertisers?

However, this is notrepparttar 124305 fault ofrepparttar 124306 ezine publisher either. The main purpose of an ezine (for many but not all publishers) is to sell advertising. When someone approaches a publisher with advertising dollars, you cannot fault him/her for takingrepparttar 124307 money and running repparttar 124308 ad. That publisher is simply making an honest buck.

But there are some ingenious methods you can employ to get your ad in front of a responsive target market by utilizing ezine advertising. For starters, if you run an affiliate program provide your affiliates with several different, tested classified ads which they can use to place in different ezines.

Remember, your affiliates are your salespeople - you want them to make as much money as possible so that you too make as much money as possible. Therefore, it is in your best interest to help them as much as you can.

If you are an affiliate, try your hand at writing some killer classified ads of your own so as to stand out fromrepparttar 124309 competition. If you are not a great writer, I highly recommend picking up Robert Boduch's Great Headlines Instantly and puttingrepparttar 124310 ideas within to use immediately.

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