Secrets of the Screw

Written by Tim Tulethyme

I often see friends and fellow home-improvers using screws in their DIY efforts, and it never ceases to amaze me how hard some of these people find it to make a simple screw do what it's designed for. lets take a look at why. Ofrepparttar two basic types of screw (Phillips cross head andrepparttar 100008 older 'traditional' slot head)repparttar 100009 Phillips is gaining ground rapidly, due mainly torepparttar 100010 fact thatrepparttar 100011 extra cross-slot means you can apply more force and thus drive it into denser materials. You need both types of screwdriver in your toolbox, because believe you me, nothing ruins a screwdriver faster than using it onrepparttar 100012 wrong type of screw! But what type of screw to use? Let's focus on common plywood for a moment - a material we often use at because of its cheapness and versatility. You use number 8 screws for plywood up to 5/8th of an inch thick. Between 1/2 an inch and 3/8ths of an inch, you need a number 6. above that, try a number 4.

To join 2 pieces of wood with a screw, follow these easy steps. Firstly, make a mark where you plan to dorepparttar 100013 screwing. Positionrepparttar 100014 pieces together and fasten with a clamp or your mighty left hand. Depending onrepparttar 100015 job, you may be able to use your body weight thru your knee to holdrepparttar 100016 bits in place. If neither of these methods are practicable, and you intend to sit several screws, userepparttar 100017 first one as an effective 'clamp' by tightening it firm before you startrepparttar 100018 other screws.

Emphasize Your Decor Style in Seven Easy Ways

Written by Julie Dana

After searching decorating books, using trial and error decorating, and growing up a little bit, you have finally foundrepparttar style of decorating that you really love. Your style could be Arts & Crafts, French Country, Asian, or Metro Hip. If you are still searching for your style or want a second opinion on what your general home style really is, try takingrepparttar 100007 fun style quiz on http:/

Now that you have identified a décor style,repparttar 100008 challenging part may now be to implement that style and make it substantial enough so others will notice. There are seven simple elements that will really help you emphasize this great look.

1. Choose a focal point that will reflect your décor style. This signature piece is usuallyrepparttar 100009 most dominate item you see and setsrepparttar 100010 tone ofrepparttar 100011 room. If this piece is not your specific style,repparttar 100012 room will not look its best. An example could be a beautiful Queen Anne armoire for a Classic Traditional style or a large rustic log mantel forrepparttar 100013 Mountain Lodge look.

2. Use colors that are common to that specific style. Different décor styles are usually shown with a collection of colors that are prominent for that palette. Make sure your room has those colors. For example, French Country is well known for its pretty yellows and blues. Americana Style would not berepparttar 100014 same without red, white and blue.

3. Collect in a theme that emphasizes that style. Every ones needs a conversation piece or collection that demonstratesrepparttar 100015 owner’s personality and interests. A collection also doesn’t need to be large just 3 to 5 objects. Ginger jars forrepparttar 100016 Asian Décor or cute porcelain teapots to emphasize an English Garden style.

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