"Secrets of the Mega Associates..."

Written by George Papazoglou

There's a hilarious yet so fruitful money-making formula, that can be deployed by anyone doing business onrepparttar Internet.

Your goal is to generate cash and abundance with your web site, but... you don't know how to prolifically endorse your affiliated products.

Forrepparttar 117294 fact that I've heard numerous times,repparttar 117295 substandard "objection", which is "What's Wrong with my Web Site?", let me share this amazing, simple and drastic "money-making formula".

Most entrepreneurs don't seem to be so good with "hard-selling" techniques, when it comes to promoting affiliate programs / prodcuts onrepparttar 117296 Internet.

Please note thatrepparttar 117297 recommended methodology, is one (yet eloquent) way to market products, or affiliate programs onrepparttar 117298 Internet.

Here's a powerful strategy to boot:

Step #1: Do your Research...

In order to develop a solid selling strategy, you have to "meet" and "entrench" with your target market.

* Forums arerepparttar 117299 "perfect" place to conduct a research, before creating a marketing strategy - not for socialization purposes, *of course*!

Once you "virtually" meet your target audience, start "recording" their problems, concerns and inclinations.

Tip: Use Microsoft Access with tables if you want to do itrepparttar 117300 scientific way and merge several fields you consider representative.

Step #2: You are a "Solution Provider"

Now once you created a "Problem List", pinpoint your target market's problems, with identical solutions (remember; you are a Solution Provider).

Step #3: Become a Prospect Now!

This technique works so well, that evenrepparttar 117301 Devil himself uses it (just satiric)...

In step #2, you already indentifiedrepparttar 117302 solutions, right Mr. Detective?

Now, once again, matchrepparttar 117303 solutions you compiled withrepparttar 117304 appropriate products, which are a "perfect answer" for your prospects' hitches (problems).

Start researching for products online, withrepparttar 117305 parameters you've created.

These products must>>>

* Be solution-oriented. and * Offer an affiliate program!

Now become a customer and *test*repparttar 117306 customer service,repparttar 117307 product andrepparttar 117308 entire company. Remember; it's your reputation onrepparttar 117309 line...

If you're satisfied with this company, join their affiliate program.

Make Them an Offer They Can't Refuse!

Written by Denise Hall

Every netrepreneur knows thatrepparttar most important aspect of building a business is responsive leads. Whether you publish an ezine or just send occasional sales letters via e-mail, if you don't get a good response, you won't have a profitable business.

The old saying, "You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink" applies here. You can send offers to your prospects, but you can't make them buy.

So how do you turn those prospects into buyers? How do you get them to read, not just skim or delete, your ezine or sales letter?

Make them offers they just can't refuse!

Offline businesses frequently have "Buy one, get one free" specials. Or "Buy one, get one 1/2 off." Or "Today only" sales.

Online businesses need to use those same marketing principles. Whilerepparttar 117293 rules onrepparttar 117294 internet are a bit different than offline marketing, many ofrepparttar 117295 same concepts can be applied withrepparttar 117296 same results.

How many times have you seen an item on sale that was tempting, but you wanted to think about it before handing over your money? By all means, think about it, especially if it's a large purchase. But ifrepparttar 117297 special is only for "today" or "this weekend", you'll have to decide a little faster, won't you?

Have you noticed thatrepparttar 117298 checkout area at stores always has candy bars, magazines and other inexpensive items on display? Those candy bars sure look good, don't they? The headline on that magazine makes you want to readrepparttar 117299 article, doesn't it?

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