Secrets of Growing Killer Tomatoes

Written by K.D. Wiseman

Tomatoes have always been my favorite garden vegetable to grow and to eat. I have had success withrepparttar other standard garden vegetables, such as cucumbers, bell peppers, cauliflower etc. but tomatoes became my specialty overrepparttar 151112 years.

I start my seeds indoors approximately 5-6 weeks beforerepparttar 151113 last expected frost date. I use a commercially available starting flat that will hold 72 seedlings. I prefer plant repparttar 151114 Tomato Park's Whopper™ Cr Improved, VFFNT Hybrid which can be ordered from Park Seed Co. . This is a large, luscious, disease resistant tomato that I have seen grow to excess of 3lbs.+. It makes for an awesome BLT since a slice of one of these beauties will hang offrepparttar 151115 toast at least one inch or more allrepparttar 151116 way around!!!!!

Forrepparttar 151117 potting mixture, I use equal parts of a good quality potting soil and vermiculite that makesrepparttar 151118 soil light enough so thatrepparttar 151119 seeds will not have difficulty sprouting and growing. I know your probably saying to yourself right now, WOW, 72 tomato plants, I don’t need that many, well look at it like this…out ofrepparttar 151120 72 that you start, some will not develop for whatever reason, and once they are planted, some will die,repparttar 151121 birds will get some,repparttar 151122 animals will get some and yes,repparttar 151123 bugs will get some regardless of how hard your try to keep them out. So out of that 72 plants, you could wind up with justrepparttar 151124 right number inrepparttar 151125 end for your garden. Of course it is possible to wind up with 72 very healthy, untouched by animals, disease or bugs, tomato plants, as happened to me one season, then you will have more tomatoes than you can possibly eat, can, sell or give away!!!! But that is a whole 'nother story!!!

I have grown tomatoes in all types of soil, from rocky, hard packed clay to rich dark loam so loose you could push your arm elbow deep intorepparttar 151126 soil with no effort. It has been my experience that almost any soil will work with most only requiring minor amendments.

If you need to add amendments to your soil to loosen it, I recommend a mixture of aged sawdust and sand in equal parts. The sand can be obtained in bulk from your local concrete company for a small fee or you can buy it in bags from your local hardware store. One note aboutrepparttar 151127 sawdust, DO NOT use fresh sawdust, as this is much to hot due torepparttar 151128 nitrogen being released duringrepparttar 151129 breakdown process. Plants placed in this sawdust; even withrepparttar 151130 mix of sand and soil are much to tender to withstandrepparttar 151131 high concentration of nitrogen.

If fresh sawdust is all that you can obtain, pile it in one corner of your garden and let it age for new season.

Your local sawmill, if you have one close by, should have a good supply of old sawdust on hand that they will let you load up and haul away for free. If you do not have a sawmill or any type of manufacturing facility close by, such asrepparttar 151132 Ames Co., that makes wooden handles etc. you can check with your local county extension agent and he or she can tell you where you may acquirerepparttar 151133 sawdust. Speaking ofrepparttar 151134 county extension agent, when you go to consult withrepparttar 151135 agent, take along some soil samples from different places in your garden and ask that they be tested forrepparttar 151136 proper nutrients. This is a free service provided by some counties while others may charge a nominal fee, regardless, you can haverepparttar 151137 results back in just a few days.

Once you haverepparttar 151138 sawdust and sand, spread equal parts over your garden until it reaches a depth of about one inch or more depending onrepparttar 151139 type of soil. Too much andrepparttar 151140 soil will be too loose andrepparttar 151141 water will drain away to quickly, not enough andrepparttar 151142 sun will bake it to a hardpan duringrepparttar 151143 dog days of summer.

Work this mixture into your soil as deep as possible using your rotary tiller orrepparttar 151144 old fashioned way, by using a spading fork or shovel Once this mixture is worked in properly then it is time to consider what type of fertilizer is needed.

Armed with your soil test results, you will have a good indication of what kind of fertilizer is best for your particular garden. In most cases, a good all purpose fertilizer known as Triple 10 or 10-10-10 will dorepparttar 151145 job very well. Your soil test results will give specifics of any additional nutrients that you may need and should also include coverage rates.

How To Plan A Garden Right

Written by David Kurshel

Gardening is a hobby that brings joy, entertainment, and a better quality of life. It is a creative activity,repparttar result of which is a more aesthetically appealing home.

Thoughtful planning of a garden starts withrepparttar 150935 type of garden you would like to have. Deciding on a type of garden is essential defore choosing which design elements to include. Will your garden be just a place to plant a bunch of flowers, which will blossom only duringrepparttar 150936 growing season? Or would you rather have a thoughtfully-chosen herb garden? Or maybe just a vegetable plot?

Another issue to consider isrepparttar 150937 climate in your location. It can be surprising how little we know aboutrepparttar 150938 facts, figures and statistics ofrepparttar 150939 weather where we live. You may want to consult an online map to get statistical data regarding climate elements like rainfall per month or average temperatures.

The next step, after having decided aboutrepparttar 150940 type of garden and after investigatingrepparttar 150941 local climate, is to figure outrepparttar 150942 plants that you would like to grow in your garden. Think of plants that are suitable forrepparttar 150943 duration ofrepparttar 150944 growing season in your location and that will surviverepparttar 150945 changes in temperature, typical for your location.

The thoughtful planning of a garden involves one more factor to consider – how much shade is necessary for each ofrepparttar 150946 plants. You need to make sure that there is enough light all overrepparttar 150947 places you plan to plant your garden.

When you have finished with planning in theory, it is time to start planningrepparttar 150948 plots in your garden. Again, think for a good plan – one that brings joy, is easy to keep to, and atrepparttar 150949 same time efficiently usesrepparttar 150950 available space.

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