Secrets To Successful Newsletter and Ezine Ads!

Written by A.T. Rendon

If you have been attempting to do business online then more than likely you have tried free ad sites, banner exchange programs or perhaps even spam.

Spam, of course, is a big no-no but all other forms of online advertising will bring various degrees of success.

However,repparttar very best form of online advertising is Ezine and Newsletter Advertising.


Because Ezines and Newsletters are read by people that have requested to receive those publications.

Those people read those ezines and newsletters because they are about a subject that is important to them.

A review of newsletter and ezine directories will yield a wealth of online publications that will cover just about every conceivable subject.

No matter what your product or service, you are bound to find an online publication that already has subscribers who will fit your niche or target audience.

Here are just a few of those directories that all together house several tens of thousands of online publications:

The Newsletter Access Searchable Directory Houses over 5000 Newsletters

Newsletter Directory Houses almost 2000 newsletters

Ezine-Directory - Email Newsletter Directory Houses approximately 8000 publications

EzinesPlus - Ezine and Newsletter Directory Has over 500 publications listed

EzineHub - The Newsletter Directory & Search Engine Houses approximately 2000 publications

John Labovitz's Ezine List No longer maintained but still houses over 4000 publications

List Tool Has about 1000 publications listed

You can find even more by doing a keyword search at your favorite Search Engine or Directory.

When you get ready to run your ad in any online publication, you can significantly improve your rate of return if you incorporate some ofrepparttar 124350 following principles in your ad copy:

1. Target Your Audience.

You will not have much success selling air conditioners to Eskimos. Find Ezines and Newsletters that are read by people who would be most interested in your product or services. Those publications have your niche or target audience.

"Are You Doing It on a Regular Basis?"

Written by Merle

If you're an ezine publisher I have one word for you: "consistency." When planning your newsletter, you need to decide how often your ezine will be sent out to your subscribers. Essentially, you need to create a schedule and stick with it. But how often should you publish? How much is too much and how often is not enough? When it comes to frequency,repparttar usual choices are daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. Let's examinerepparttar 124349 pro's and cons of each one.

DAILY: If you plan on publishing a daily ezine be prepared to do a lot of work. Think about it. That's a total of 365 issues you'll need to create every year. Not only is this a monumental task, but daily publications can become annoying fast especially since most of us are dealing with information overload and bulging email boxes.

WEEEKLY: Once a week is a little better but it still can be time consuming to produce a quality ezine on a regular basis. That's 48 issues in a year, still a lot of work. Some are ofrepparttar 124350 opinion that once a week is still a bit too often and showing up in someone's mail box four times a month can appear to be too much for your subscribers. Onrepparttar 124351 pro side they'll have a hard time forgetting about you.

BI-WEEKLY: Every two weeks seems to be justrepparttar 124352 right mix for many. Whereas weekly can be too much and once a month not enough, every two weeks seems to work like a charm. Publishing an ezine twice a month is just often enough to keep you fresh in your subscribers' minds but not so often that they become annoyed with you and start reaching forrepparttar 124353 unsubscribe link. As an ezine publisher, twice a month can be easily worked into your busy schedule without too much strain.

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