"Secrets To Secure Email!"

Written by A.T.Rendon

Is there such a thing as "Secure Email"?

We can break it down into two main parts.

First, as any of you that have been online for a while as I have, over eight years this month, you have no doubt shared your email address with other people onrepparttar Internet.

Every single time you send an email message to anyone, your email address is made available to that person. Otherwise, how else can they reply to your email message?

Unless, of course, you are a spammer using stealth email software to hide your identity and real email address and domain of origin of your messages.

That is a whole different type of problem.

And how many times have you been requested to enter your email address at a web site?

Once you press submit, there is no way of really knowing who will end up with your email address and how it is that they plan to use it.

No matter whatrepparttar 109643 web site's "Privacy Policy" might state, you can never be certain how they will use your email address information.

The fact that I have usedrepparttar 109644 same email address for so many years and use it on my web site as a way for people to contact me, means that my address exists on every Spam disk or CD that is currently for sale onrepparttar 109645 Internet.

We are all vulnerable to this sort of abuse. But there is indeed such a thing as "Secure Email".

One ofrepparttar 109646 best ways to control spam is to make use ofrepparttar 109647 FREE email forwarding service known as Spam Gourmet.

Visit this FREE service at: http://www.spamgourmet.com/

With Spam Gourmet, after you save and confirmrepparttar 109648 email address where you'd like to receive messages, you can give out self-destructing disposable email addresses whenever you want as follows:

someword.x.user@spamgourmet.com where someword is a word you haven't used before, x isrepparttar 109649 number of email messages you want to receive atrepparttar 109650 address (up to 20), and user is your username.

If you receive more than 20 emails to that address fromrepparttar 109651 same sender, their email gets tossed intorepparttar 109652 trash automatically.

This gives you a chance to establish real email contacts from people you want to correspond with and then transfer them to your real email address while eliminating all spam.

But, having a "Secure Email Address" is just one aspect of secure email.

The other part of "Secure Email" that is really important isrepparttar 109653 ability to be able to send someone an email message withoutrepparttar 109654 fear that what you have written inrepparttar 109655 message will be exposed to unauthorized people.

For most of us, we could care less if what we write in an email message manages to end up getting posted on a web site.

For those of us wishing to conduct business online, that might turn out to be a blessing inrepparttar 109656 form of free advertising.

But how many times have you been warned NEVER to send your credit card number and expiration date to a vendor via email?

The reason for that warning is simple; email messages can be read by anyone with access to a computer that is acting as a server.

When and When Not To Use an Auto Responder

Written by Joe Bingham

You've got your business, you've got some ads ready to run, and your site is ready to take orders. All that's left is to buy some advertising and get people coming to your site. But should you send people straight to your site from your ads or set up some auto responder messages and direct them to those?

Hmmm. Good question. Here's some thoughts to help you withrepparttar decision.

When NOT To Use an Auto Responder

In general, if you're selling a single product, something that's not really that complicated, only requires a limited amount of information to stimulate interest, or you are usingrepparttar 109642 excitement ofrepparttar 109643 moment to makerepparttar 109644 sale, do NOT use an auto responder. Just direct people straight torepparttar 109645 site.

For example, ebooks. Generally, any information you need to stimulate interest can be done on a single page site. You don't want to give away too much either, and if you are setting up multiple messages in an auto responder, what are you going to talk about?

When You SHOULD Use an Auto Responder

A more complicated topic, products or opportunities that require a somewhat larger investment, or plans to cover multiple products or multiple benefits, requirerepparttar 109646 use of an auto responder.

Auto responders give you more time to explain your business or product. Or, you may just need to keep in touch while your prospect considers a way to come up withrepparttar 109647 money for what you are offering. In these cases auto responders are excellent. You simply provide more information or feature different benefits in each message and then direct prospects to your site to learn more or to make a purchase.

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