"Secrets To EXPLODE Your Sales With Solo Ads!"

Written by A. T. Rendon

The very best form of online advertising is Ezine and Newsletter Advertising.

Andrepparttar best type of ad to place is a Solo Ad.


First, because Ezines and Newsletters are read by people who have requested to receive those publications.

People that read those ezines and newsletters do so because they are about a subject that is important to them.

That creates a niche or target audience for delivery of whatever RELATED message you wish to convey.

A review of newsletter and ezine directories will yield a wealth of online publications that will cover just about every conceivable subject that exists.

For a FREE List of Directories that contain 10's of 1000's: mailto:ezine_dir@emailexchange.org

No matter what your product or service, you are bound to find an online publication that already has subscribers who will fit your niche or target audience.

That makes online publications one ofrepparttar 101023 best - if notrepparttar 101024 very best - places to start your online advertising campaigns.

You can find even more publications by doing a keyword search at your favorite Search Engine or Directory of Newsletters and also for Ezines.

Second, when you get ready to run your ad in any online publication, then you must decide on whether you want to place a Classified Ad, a Top Sponsor Ad or a Solo Ad.

I have been doing business online for over 8 years and I have learned from trial and error that a Solo Ad will pull at least 10 times more response than a Top Sponsor Ad and about 20 times more than a Classified Ad.


Because your Solo Ad does NOT compete with any other ads.

A Solo Ad is a HIGH-IMPACT message that can easily be read and will easily be acted upon.

It is well worthrepparttar 101025 added expense over other types of ads.

And, you can significantly improve your rate of return if you incorporate some ofrepparttar 101026 following principles in your Solo Ad copy:

Independent Distributor

Written by Rusty Kaohelaulii

A breakthrough technology allows you, in a manner of seconds, to create visually stunning 20-40 second TV-like commercial messages and broadcast them to as many recipients as you choose. Your commercials are delivered as standard email messages with no attachments, so there are no concerns regarding viruses, downloads or bandwidth. And they open and run immediately, even on slow modems.

When your customer or prospect clicks on your email message, their computer screen immediately comes alive with sound, music, photographs, streaming video, animation and graphics. You can even include your own recorded voice message, if you choose. The quality of these high-impact multi-media commercial messages is equivalent to those currently seen on national television.

Your Business Control Center provides allrepparttar tools you need to create, send, track and monitor your entire campaign. Our online commercial editor is so easy to manage that even a child can use it. You just point, click, type and press send and our technology doesrepparttar 101022 rest in a matter of seconds! Your commercials can be simple and straight-forward, or made fully interactive to include your choice of multiple links, printable coupons, information capture forms, embedded documents or presentations, even your own audio or video messages.

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