Secret Reasons Why Some Businesses Can Afford to Bid Ridiculous, Amounts On Pay-Per-Click Keywords

Written by Eric Graham

The other day I was talking to one of my consulting clients onrepparttar phone aboutrepparttar 149198 return on investment from his Google Adwords campaign. And, he asked me a question that I get several times a week from clients and other online marketers. His question was…

“Eric, how on earth can my competitors afford to bid over $4 per click forrepparttar 149199 number one position onrepparttar 149200 top keywords for my niche?! I can’t make a profit on those keywords at just $2.00 per click!”

His concern is a common one among businesses that use pay-per-click advertising to generate traffic. It seems thatrepparttar 149201 top positions in most competitive markets are reserved for businesses with more money than sense.

I explained to him that short term his best strategy is to just cast a broader net with his keywords by expanding his keyword list to include thousands of less competitive, yet still targeted phrases, by using tools like WordTracker or Ad Word Analyzer.

However, to remain competitive long term he needs to addressrepparttar 149202 real reason that his competition can afford to bid $4 per click and still make a profit…

There are only 4 reasons that another business can bid higher than you on pay-per-click ads.

They have very deep pockets and very dumb marketing managers. You usually find this in businesses that are used to blowing their offline marketing budget on unaccountable “image advertising”. While there are a few like this in every market, these are notrepparttar 149203 ones you need to be concerned with. The dangerous competitors arerepparttar 149204 next two…

They earn more profit from each sale than you. If you are making a $10 profit selling an ebook, yet your competition is earning a $100 profit selling a set of DVDs and a printed manual, then (all else being equal) your competition should be able to afford to bid 10 times what you can per click. For example:

Capturing Leads Effectively on Free Traffic Exchanges

Written by Michael Lawrence

So you want to use Free Traffic Exchanges to build your business but you are unsure ofrepparttar best way to go about it. I will describe a basic lead capture system that can be used effectively on Free Traffic Exchanges to expand your prospect list and boost your online sales.

There are 3 basic components torepparttar 148848 system that need to be understood. Lead capture pages, autoresponder systems, and ad tracking.

The lead capture page can be hosted anywhere but it needs to have at least one thing on it to be effective... a way to capture a person's email address. Why waste your credits sending user's to your sales page where they only have 15 seconds to decide whether they are interested in your product or service? It is too easy just to let your website rotate torepparttar 148849 next, bam lost prospect.

If you have an incentive laden lead capture web page (by incentive I mean a contest or freebie for providing their email address) with a 2 line form consisting of name and email address you have a simple yet incredibly powerful marketing tool.

In fact what would stop you from advertising 5 or 10 different lead capture pages? Are you starting to see how big this can be?

Ok, so you have a person's email address and name. What now?

Let me explainrepparttar 148850 purspose of an Autoresponder before I do that. An Autoresponder is a script that sends out timed follow up messages to your email list. If you connectrepparttar 148851 form on your lead capture page to your autoresponder you have a virtually unlimited opportunity to advertise to your now "opt in" subscriber. The autoresponder system should have an automated removal mechanism built in so you now truly have an automated marketing tool. Your only job is to write fantastic autoresponder messages and promote your lead capture pages.

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