Secret Money Making Strategy - Expose Yourself!

Written by Michael J. McGroarty

It's been many years since I learned this tip, so I may not recall every detail as Joe Cossman described it in his book, "How I made One Million Dollars in Mail Order", but I can assure you this tip is extremely valuable, and has worked for me many times overrepparttar years. Joe tellsrepparttar 125196 story of renting a booth arepparttar 125197 county fair, where he was going to sell some little trinket that he was certain would sell like crazy. As he was setting up his displayrepparttar 125198 vendor next to him was also setting up. It seems thatrepparttar 125199 only thing this guy was going to offer for sale was a little rubber shrunken head. As he watchedrepparttar 125200 guy unpack these things Joe was thinking to himself, "I feel bad for this guy already, there is no way in repparttar 125201 world that those things would ever sell. They are just too darn ugly!". Well, as you can guess, Joe had a difficult time selling any of his products at all becauserepparttar 125202 crowd of people trying to buy those ugly shrunken heads was blocking his booth. Forrepparttar 125203 duration ofrepparttar 125204 fair Joe watched that guy sell hundreds and hundreds of those shrunken heads, while he barely sold enough of his own product to payrepparttar 125205 rent onrepparttar 125206 booth. Beingrepparttar 125207 entrepreneur that he was, Joe worked a deal withrepparttar 125208 guy to find his source forrepparttar 125209 shrunken heads, and went on to make a ton of money selling shrunken heads via mail order. It has been so long since I read Joe's book I don't even remember ifrepparttar 125210 shrunken heads were his first successful mail order product or not, but I can tell you that Joe went on to sell millions and millions of dollars worth of products through repparttar 125211 mail. He recounted this story in his book because he said that if he had not takenrepparttar 125212 chance of renting a booth atrepparttar 125213 fair, he would have never been exposed torepparttar 125214 success ofrepparttar 125215 guy with repparttar 125216 shrunken heads. You've got to expose yourself. Opportunities are not going to find you sitting onrepparttar 125217 couch. I can assure you that exposing yourself works. As a matter of fact, just two weeks ago I was sitting in my recliner readingrepparttar 125218 paper on a Sunday morning whenrepparttar 125219 phone rang. Mr. McGroarty? This is Matt XXXX. I work for your friend Dick XXXX and he suggested I give you a call. I've got a few thousand Junipers that I'm about to dump, but before I do Dick thought you might be interested in buying them at a really good price. If you're interested come down to Dick's nursery

10 Simple Ways to Promote Yourself

Written by Merle

1) Develop a mailing list and use it. Most businesses have started creating web based mailing lists by offering a newsletter, but direct mail is still a valuable tool. Whichever route you choose, choose one!

2) Say "Thank you" when someone purchases your products or your services. Send a handwritten "thank you note". In this fast paced world of ours it's refreshing to people to receive an "old fashioned" thank you and they'll remember you next time they need some work done above all others.

3) Flier & Brochures- No matter what anyone tells you even if you're an online business you still need to attract people to your website offline as well. Fliers and brochures peak curiosity and will help get those offline potential customers to click over to your website for more information.

4) Car Advertising- The big companies all advertise on their cars, and you should too. URL plates or stickers are a small investment to make which can carry your message to thousands while driving.

5) Hold a Contest- Contests are a great tool for recognition and free publicity. You can send a press release announcingrepparttar event torepparttar 125195 media for possible press coverage. By nature people love to win which is why holding a contest can be a great traffic generator.

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