Searching for The Meaning of Life

Written by Halina Goldstein

Searching for The Meaning of Life ======================================

A member ofrepparttar Self Improvement Zone asked me repparttar 122303 other day: "How is it that we can know what is good for us, yet we don't seem to be able to make a practice out of anything? I go from one author, book, concept, idea to another, thinking one day I will findrepparttar 122304 answer, and I will no longer have to look. I have enough books to open a bookstore. Is there any one thing you can recommend? Or are we mostly all doingrepparttar 122305 same thing?? Searching... with no one right answer."

Oh, who am I to answer that...

I met a man once, who at some point lost everything that was home to him, and so he went into a deep emotional crisis. He started asking himself:

What'srepparttar 122306 point?

What'srepparttar 122307 meaning of life?

He ended up saying: "Life hasrepparttar 122308 meaning we think it has". The meaning of life is a choice. It's not a fixed answer.

It sounds right to me. I always come back to this one. The right answer is what you believe it is. The world is what you believe it is. Your path in life is what you believe it is.

"But I don't know what it is for God's sake! I don't know what to believe!" you say (or yell? :-)) Even if we don't know, there is a frustration. Meaning, you feel you should know. You want to know. You need to know.

Maybe it's like walking around a strange town, trying to find a home. You try this street and that street, and you're almost there you think, but then again no. After all, you hardly know what you're looking for... You have a feeling, but you don't know what it is.

God's Name ... Creation and undoing!

Written by Edward B. Toupin

Overrepparttar past number of years, while going through my studies and research, information and answers come torepparttar 122302 surface that are most astounding. I have come to understand things differently than I was taught in years of Catholic schooling. Although, I still believe inrepparttar 122303 "bigger picture" and "something greater", it has taken on a different tone and context. It has turned from a fearful system of faith to a confident system of knowledge and thought.

One ofrepparttar 122304 many things I've thought about, as you can see from previous writings, isrepparttar 122305 existence of a single being or god --- God for many religions. Indeed,repparttar 122306 belief of having a singular being encapsulate all ofrepparttar 122307 wonders ofrepparttar 122308 Universe makes it much easier to live withrepparttar 122309 unanswered questions that we're all taught to accept in faith through fear-based religions. But, although I stray, my research and questions always come back torepparttar 122310 fact that there is one, singular being that does encapsulate these wonders --- it isrepparttar 122311 individual human being and their soul.

The soul isrepparttar 122312 wonder within us that we all tend to seek outside of ourselves. We're always looking for these "great answers" from a greater being whenrepparttar 122313 answers reside within. However, this brings up an interesting myth I had heard some years ago. It is said thatrepparttar 122314 God that so many religions worship has a name that is not known to human-kind. The story notes that, inrepparttar 122315 beginning, to initiaterepparttar 122316 creation ofrepparttar 122317 Universe, God's "true name" was spoken. However, if God's true name is spoken in reverse, it will undo all of creation.

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