Searching For Jobs Online

Written by Heather Eagar

Searching for jobs online is easier than ever, but also more confusing than ever. Any Internet user doing a job search online will find that they can choose from hundreds of national employment listing web sites andrepparttar numbers can often be staggering. When performing on online job search, it is a good idea to choose from an online employment classified web site that allows for regional searching. Localized searches can narrow down employment opportunities so thatrepparttar 140774 job searcher doesnít have to search through hundreds or even thousands of posts in order to locate a handful of listings in an individualís local area. When performing an Internet job search, it is important to keep in mind that not all local employers will post job listings online, but they will post their openings in local newspapers. Most newspapers allow for an online job search in their classified sections ifrepparttar 140775 newspaper is also available for viewingrepparttar 140776 Internet.

If doing a job search online isrepparttar 140777 way an individual prefers to begin searching for employment,repparttar 140778 best way to begin is to userepparttar 140779 job search box that is often

The SAMMER Test: Leading People To Get The Right Results At the Right Time In The Right Way

Written by Brent Filson

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Summary: The author asserts that most leaders getrepparttar 140743 wrong results orrepparttar 140744 right results inrepparttar 140745 wrong ways. He offersrepparttar 140746 SAMMER Test to help you alignrepparttar 140747 results you need to achieve withrepparttar 140748 results that you actually do achieve.

The SAMMER Test: Leading People To Get The Right Results Atrepparttar 140749 Right Time In The Right Way by Brent Filson

As a leader, you do nothing more important than get results. But simply getting results can be easy.

What's not easy is gettingrepparttar 140750 right results ... torepparttar 140751 right degree ... atrepparttar 140752 right time ... forrepparttar 140753 right purpose ... inrepparttar 140754 right ways.

It's been my experience consulting with thousands of leaders worldwide duringrepparttar 140755 past two decades thatrepparttar 140756 vast majority of leaders getrepparttar 140757 wrong results -- orrepparttar 140758 right results inrepparttar 140759 wrong ways.

Here's a tool to help you getrepparttar 140760 right results. It's calledrepparttar 140761 SAMMER Test, and you can use it continually throughout your career.

The SAMMER Test is simply a way of testingrepparttar 140762 results you intend to achieve, orrepparttar 140763 results you actually achieve, to insure they arerepparttar 140764 right results.

SAMMER is an acronym. Results should be:

S - Sizable. Whatever results you are getting now, you can always get more. Not only can you get more; but as a leader, you MUST CONTINUALLY STRIVE TO GET MORE. Sizable is not an option. Sizable is a necessity.

A - Achievable. Many leaders impose unrealistic expectations on people and so lose their trust and confidence. People must be challenged to do what they don't think they can do, but they must also be able, ultimately, to do it.

Here's a tip for making achievable happen inrepparttar 140765 realm of sizable. Say to whom you are challenging: "I know you don't think you can meetrepparttar 140766 challenge I set for you. But I know you can, and I'm going to support you in every way possible."

M - Meaningful. Leaders who find little meaning in their jobs orrepparttar 140767 results associated with those jobs, shouldn't be leaders, or they should change jobs and/or results. Most leaders understand this. But few leaders understand that meaning also involvesrepparttar 140768 jobs ofrepparttar 140769 people they are leading andrepparttar 140770 attitudes of those people toward those jobs andrepparttar 140771 resultsrepparttar 140772 jobs aim to achieve. These leaders stumble on what I callrepparttar 140773 Leader's Fallacy.

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