Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (S.E.T.I)

Written by Wayne Lowe

Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (S.E.T.I)

Have you seenrepparttar movie ‘Contact’ if you haven’t then you need to. Im creating a single article based onrepparttar 127593 vision of this movie. Jodie foster stars asrepparttar 127594 main character, she is brilliant in this film, making it so powerful, and full of inspiration.

Have you ever wondered what is out there? Have you ever been curious to know how this all began? Don’t be put of byrepparttar 127595 little green men at all. Overrepparttar 127596 past years, many television programmes show usrepparttar 127597 countless possibilities that exist to what happened inrepparttar 127598 creation ofrepparttar 127599 universe. It’s so big that I guess we could never reachrepparttar 127600 end, if there indeed is an end.

One television programme, that got my attention, wasrepparttar 127601 search for a planet that harboured life, like our own planet. It had a term used as ‘the wobble effect’ meaningrepparttar 127602 same effects as planet earth. There been a lot of searches for planets that sustain some similarity to our own planet.

Ifrepparttar 127603 S.E.T.I project, still running online today, picked up a reading of a signal fromrepparttar 127604 outer reaches ofrepparttar 127605 universe, then Id be very curious to know what it is about, or what it means. There have been some signals that have been intercepted and sent to us, but even our modern day machines cannot understand it.

I wish that in my lifetime, we get some great discoveries ofrepparttar 127606 stars and skies; I would like to see a planet discovered, creating life like earth, with water, and oxygen. As this planet is slowly or in this day an age quiet fast, using up its resources, so we must find another planet, before we die, otherwise we could as a species be wiped out before we’ve even began to searchrepparttar 127607 heavens.

It would be exciting to know that there is life on other far away planets. Imagine if we could contact them, what would they look like, or what would there advancements be in terms of technology. If we think about it, do UFO’s really exist, have people mainly fromrepparttar 127608 USA been abducted. Ifrepparttar 127609 alien race has advanced machines, then maybe this is true. Thinking of it in reality, if things like this happened, and were not denied by governments, then truth be told, it would cause panic, on a global scale, wouldn’t it? But ifrepparttar 127610 stories are not true, then it’s like loosing hope of ever finding, beings from distant galaxies.

Suppose our planet receives a message from another part ofrepparttar 127611 universe. We decode it, what would we want it to say? Like a quote from ‘Contact’repparttar 127612 movie, if it’s just us, then it’s an awful waste of space. That to me is true. Why would there be a massive universe with just us in,repparttar 127613 lonely planet earth? It would seem lonely. Likerepparttar 127614 thoughts of there being a god. There are different gods. We’ve never seen him, but to some, who pray and worship, they feel comfort in knowing that there is a powerful being. If there is an alien race, do they believe in a god, or have they never come across such an idea? Does there history tell of a man similar to Jesus?

Know one can prove that there is a god up in heaven, orrepparttar 127615 devil. So how can we believe that aliens exist? I think there is a fine line, which separates this. Maybe miracles happen, prayers are answered, is this due to us being able to make them happen? Could we ask god to keep us alive forever, and never die? NO, as to us inrepparttar 127616 material world it’s impossible. For so much death and destruction, for all that pray for peace and comfort, do we actually get it? Speaking fromrepparttar 127617 heart I believe that torepparttar 127618 distant future, maybe very soon, we will be in contact with another species. We will receive a message. We have not been far enough into space to find other places, so we can only assume there is going to be life. But say onrepparttar 127619 other side ofrepparttar 127620 galaxy, there is another sun, where there is a planetrepparttar 127621 same distance from sun as we are, inrepparttar 127622 protective layer, which cannot be damaged by radiation, that maybe supporting life like us. Doesn’t that sound brilliant? There has to be. We cannot just berepparttar 127623 only galaxy to have a sun, inrepparttar 127624 expanding universe then it must be there.

If allrepparttar 127625 computers inrepparttar 127626 world right now connected torepparttar 127627 internet, and downloadedrepparttar 127628 S.E.T.I programme to intercept and download transmissions fromrepparttar 127629 S.E.T.I satellites then we could interpret more ofrepparttar 127630 codes that are given to us. We have to think ofrepparttar 127631 bigger picture don’t we? We have to think beyond our planet, think beyond our sight.

I like to think of theories and see from different points of view. So imaginerepparttar 127632 Roswell accident did happen. An alien craft landed on earth inrepparttar 127633 USA, andrepparttar 127634 government kept it to study there technology, by keeping it in area 51, which is heavily guarded. Ifrepparttar 127635 sightings of aliens have increased since then, mayberepparttar 127636 crash landing was true, asrepparttar 127637 alien race are searching for there lost craft. This could be true!

I know thatrepparttar 127638 younger generation after me will continue to discover more of space, but it’s like winning a race, we need to try harder and go faster to reachrepparttar 127639 end. We need to build a bigger telescope to search far beyond than we’ve ever done, build a space station, with a satellite on it, which can search 360 degrees whilst rotating roundrepparttar 127640 earth! A massive project that could combinerepparttar 127641 entire earth’s wealth to design and buildrepparttar 127642 ultimate satellite to penetraterepparttar 127643 outer limits.

What would our purpose be hear whilst living on this planet, just to earn our money and die. Or actually make a difference torepparttar 127644 human race. It would be like star trek, with different colonies, on different galaxies, where we can support life on space shuttles for years, and then recycle materials to produce new ones without new materials being added, 100% recycling. We could go to planets way beyond imagination.

Debunking the Cradle of Civilization Myth

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

ABRAHAM: - The Biblical character Abraham is of primary importance in a complex of religions lead byrepparttar Judaeo/Christian/Islamic labels. He has been attributed with great wisdom and yet he behaved in atrocious ways. It is likely that there was more than one Abraham who made up this truly awesome fable. Abraham Eleazor may have had great wisdom and some of his feats may have been incorporated intorepparttar 127592 persona or image of Abrahamrepparttar 127593 Patriarch of a large family of Ur/Chaldean people who moved and later conquered other territories due (in part) torepparttar 127594 baby-factory or harems he initiated.

There was a time when many Europeans took it as fact that humanity had almost no real ability or value beforerepparttar 127595 Sumerian culture and these patristic animals became ascendant. The truth is clear now, yet most people cling torepparttar 127596 old paradigm in one of its regenerations. The cave man ideology was founded on improper reassembling of bones that archaeologists found inrepparttar 127597 Neanderthal Valley. Alley Oop and allrepparttar 127598 images of these cavemen beating women with clubs was really a projection ofrepparttar 127599 kind of unsoulful and disgusting behavior Abraham and his progeny have foisted upon society-at-large for about 5,000 years of what James Joyce properly calls a 'nightmare'.

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