Search Engines & Optimization

Written by Anthony Parsons

Search engines, search engines, search engines....Who knows which one to optimize for? Why does everyone behave so silly when it comes to search engines and optimization for a particular engine or keyword even? As most know, Google isrepparttar flavour ofrepparttar 127973 month. It appears that everyone is excited about it. What aboutrepparttar 127974 other engines? Did someone forget that they exist?

Because Google isrepparttar 127975 leading engine, this years "in engine" , word of mouth spreads, more people use it, website owners begin optimizing for it and SEO goes nuts. How easily we forget, that only a year or so ago, Yahoo wasrepparttar 127976 leading search engine. Which one next I wonder?

I think it is quite humorous that people have become strung up about one particular engine and one method of advertisement because they do well for a short period. By a short period, I mean a year or two. This is short when your running a business over decades. Google changed their algorithm end 2003 and sentrepparttar 127977 world a shockwave. Someone forget to tell these many upset businesses and website do it yourselvers, that relying upon one method of advertisement is not good business practice. If that'srepparttar 127978 extent of business knowledge , then some businesses are in lots of trouble.

Link Manipulation

Written by Anthony Parsons

Link popularity is a winning factor in many campaigns to achieve a substantial boost in your rankings, however; with all good can come over-inflated and out of control manipulation (BAD).

The search engines will not be defeated for long. Those who think they can get away with something inrepparttar short term will generally come unstuck inrepparttar 127972 long term. Google recently changed their algorithm (end 2003) which has upset many website owners who relied upon Google results to provide them business. To me, that is ineffective marketing, which ever way you look at it.

Websites who dominatedrepparttar 127973 rankings because of link popularity suddenly became unstuck and are now, nowhere to be seen. Websites with minimal popularity but great content and even those with little content and medium popularity have begun to dominaterepparttar 127974 rankings for their given terms. Many people blame Google, blame SEO's and anyone else they can blame. These are free rankings that your contending within, which are constantly being manipulated to use every inch fromrepparttar 127975 system structure.

Users are not going to tolerate this for long if they cannot find quality content and products when they search. With this sudden upset and some minor tweaking by Google,repparttar 127976 results will eventually steady and those who once dominated will still not be seen.

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