Search Engines : Not reciprocal links but ABC links are working great !!!

Written by Gino Harteel

For years I have been studying search engine optimization and forrepparttar majority ofrepparttar 128083 sites I worked on I have been getting good to very good positions.

Many experts feel reciprocal links are losing value becauserepparttar 128084 search engines can identifyrepparttar 128085 "one link in, one link out" link structure of a website sorepparttar 128086 search engines are giving more weight to one way links.

Solution : you link your website to site A, site A links to site B and finally site B links to your site C.

You want proof ? I have a no. 1 position on Yahoo with more then 12 million competing sites :

Check out

While you check my no. 1 position, click onrepparttar 128087 link and enjoy my collection of funny movies and power point presentations.

This is where my introduction ends, now let's talk practical.

I have a rather new site dedicated to "Euro Millions",repparttar 128088 biggest, lump sum, tax free lottery inrepparttar 128089 world and I want in allrepparttar 128090 major search engines [aol, google, killerinfo, msn, yahoo, etc. ] a no. 1 position.

Google Suggest Beta is a good way to research for relevant key words for your site, in my case I found this data :

euro millions 1,590,000 results euro money 10,900,000 results euro millions results 498,000 results euro millions lottery 76,600 results euro million 4,540,000 results

euromillions 58,400 results euromoney 314,000 results euromillions results 32,400 results euromillion 8,970 results

euro lottery 823,000 results euro lotto 2,170,000 results euro lottery results 351,000 results euro lotto results 162,000 results euro lottery numbers 112,000 results

Reciprocal Links - Are They Still Effective?

Written by John Calder

2004, John Calder

Recently there has been talk that Google has discounted reciprocal linking as a factor in their ranking algorithm. For webmasters who don't know, reciprocal links are just traded links - web site A links to site B, and site B in exchange links to site A. Oftenrepparttar term "linking partner" is used instead of reciprocal link. Inrepparttar 128082 past, it seems that reciprocal links have played an important role in how a site is ranked in search results. It was an indicator fromrepparttar 128083 webmaster thatrepparttar 128084 other site was of value to their visitors.

Once marketers caught on to this, various software was developed that would help automaterepparttar 128085 process. As webmasters started freely swapping links with every other webmaster, this dilutedrepparttar 128086 value of having reciprocal links in place. Google caught on to this, and apparently has now downgraded or completely removed this type of linking as a ranking factor.

Should marketers continue to pursue reciprocal links? Are they worthwhile? It probably depends on

1) why you wantrepparttar 128087 links, and 2) which sites you want to trade links with.

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