Search Engines- the World’s Yellow Pages

Written by Jan Hordijk

Whatever your product is or your service offers, you need to show it torepparttar world in order to sell it. We all need advertising andrepparttar 128375 more,repparttar 128376 better. But how to reach all those potential customers?

Conservative estimates indicate there are at least 70 Million(!!) Internet users online today and over 100.000 new websites being created each month.

Over 90% of all Internet users will use a Search Engine to findrepparttar 128377 product or service they are looking for. Once your website can be found in Search Engines, your exposure is second to none.

And do you need to worry about getting intorepparttar 128378 top 10 with every Search Engine? Not really; meta tag optimization is not costly and can greatly improve your ranking. As does linking andrepparttar 128379 use of well constructed doorway pages. Doorway pages are pages that have been developed to rank highly for a specific keyword or phrase. Butrepparttar 128380 most important thing of all is: get listed!

Essential Guide To Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Written by Michael Low

Which Engines Should You Use?

Following's (now known as Overture) phenomenal success with pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, more than 160 PPC startups have sprung up.

Out of these 160 PPC engines, only a few may actually haverepparttar search volume to generate a respectable number of clicks for your site.

Most PPC startups require between $10 to $25 of setup fee which can be applied to clickthroughs. They offer low minimum bids of $0.01. But with limited search volumes, they may bring you only a few clicks each day!

My recommendation is to go for established PPC engines with high search volumes that can generate higher clickthroughs. The big boys are Overture (previously known as Goto) at, Sprinks at, FindWhat at

Overture isrepparttar 128374 best because they serve over 2 billion search queries monthly through their partnership with major search engines such as America Online, Lycos, Altavista, Netscape, Hotbot and InfoSpace.

You can testrepparttar 128375 startup PPC engines but commit onlyrepparttar 128376 minimum setup fees. If they generate decent traffic, you can always top up your account. That way you minimize your risk to only $10 to $25 per PPC engine. For a list of over 160 PPC engines, see

How To Find Relevant Keywords?

Since you are paying for each clickthrough on your bid, it makes good sense to ensure that your keywords are relevant to your target audience.

One of my favorite tools is Overture's Search Term Suggestion at

Enter a keyword and it showsrepparttar 128377 number of timesrepparttar 128378 word was searched - which indicates its popularity. The more popularrepparttar 128379 keyword is,repparttar 128380 higher are your clickthroughs. Overture also generates a list of similar keywords and their search counts inrepparttar 128381 previous month.

Overture's tool is one ofrepparttar 128382 best ways for finding good keywords to bid on. Another alternative is to download Good Keywords at

Enter a keyword into this free software and it will display a list of relevant search terms and their search counts across multiple PPC engines.

You can also try JimTools' Keyword Toolkit at

JimTools can generate a list of related keyword possibilities, some with search counts, from Goto, Google, Magellan and WebCrawler.

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