Search Engines: The Life Blood of Internet-Based Home Businesses

Written by Kirk Bannerman

Anyone involved in an Internet-based home business will soon come to recognizerepparttar importance of search engines as a vehicle to attract potential customers.

Sincerepparttar 117011 inception of Google in 1998,repparttar 117012 popularity of using search engines has increased dramatically. Nielsen NetRatings reports that about 114.5 million Americans, or a whopping 39 percent ofrepparttar 117013 US population, currently use search engines.

Through February of 2004, Yahoo and Microsoft's MSN ranked asrepparttar 117014 two favorite spots onrepparttar 117015 Internet with 87.3 million and 86.2 million unique monthly visitors, respectively, according to figures produced by Nielsen NetRatings., ranked third, with 64.2 million visitors, but this figure is somewhat misleading because this site attracts much of its traffic by repairing flaws inrepparttar 117016 Windows operating system. Google wasrepparttar 117017 fourth most popular site with 60.8 million visitors.

The market shares of MSN and Yahoo haven't changed much inrepparttar 117018 past three years while Google has emerged as a powerhouse without spending much of anything on advertising. Google's audience is now approximately six times larger than it was in early 2001, when it wasrepparttar 117019 26th most popular destination onrepparttar 117020 Internet.

Don't Bite the Hands That Used to Feed You

Written by Denise Hall

When we begin working online we have no idea how to get visitors to our website, let alone actually make a sale. We start to read everything we can get our hands on to learn as much as we can.

We subscribe to newsletters, sign up for free reports and buy e-Books and courses offered by those who already make their living online.

They know how to start and promote a business and they're willing to show us. We follow their lead as they guide us intorepparttar world of Internet marketing, teaching us what they know each step ofrepparttar 117010 way.

There are many wonderfully helpful people inrepparttar 117011 Internet business world. Not only do many of them provide help along our journey, but they also become our friends.

Then there arerepparttar 117012 ones who "hitrepparttar 117013 big time" and leave their friends behind. They suddenly think they're too good for those who haven't yet reachedrepparttar 117014 same financial status. They're hob-nobbing withrepparttar 117015 "big guys" now and don't have time for us. Our names aren't inrepparttar 117016 same social class as theirs anymore.

Excuse me, Mr. "I'm a Millionaire now." Wasn't it "little guys" like me who helped you make so much money? We bought your e-books and software programs. We became your affiliates and sold your products, putting even more money in your pocket.

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