Search Engine Tips & Techniques

Written by Terri Seymour

Search Engine Tips & Techniques Terri Seymour

As you are building your site or getting your site built, you need to do as much as you can to ensure higher rankings inrepparttar search engines. There are a variety of little tips and techniques you can use to do this.

Meta tags & keywords - Meta tags are included inrepparttar 128266 section of your site and are read byrepparttar 128267 search engines. The two most important kind are "description" and "keywords" Description is a description ofrepparttar 128268 content of your site and keywords is a list of keywords relevant torepparttar 128269 page.

Research what people are searching for and use those searches (relevant to your site) in your meta tags. A great little keyword search tool is available here:

Find more great info on meta tags here:

Site content- Make sure you match your site content with your meta tags. Also, keep updating your site content. Search engines love new content. Try adding articles to your site or doing a blog. Do NOT let your site get old and stale!

Blogging - A blog is basically a journal that is posted on a web site. A person who blogs is a blogger. Blogs are usually updated daily or every other day. Blogs can be used on personal or business websites. Blogs can draw a lot of targeted traffic to your site. You can create your own blog here:

Site map - A site map is simply a page that lists all repparttar 128270 links on your site. This makes it easy forrepparttar 128271 search engines to spider your site. A site map page is a good navigational tool for your visitors as well. It contains links to all important pages of your web site and it gives your visitors an overview of your web site structure all in one page. Take a look at these well designed site maps.

Dear Bill Gates, You Clever Fox

Written by David Leonhardt

Dear Bill Gates, You Clever Fox By David Leonhardt

Dear Bill Gates.

You did it. You casually left a live grenade atrepparttar Grand Charity Gala and walked out ofrepparttar 128265 room to see if anybody, especially Google, will notice.

Once again, you have created an innovation in marketing that is poised to takerepparttar 128266 world by storm. What I love about it is how you have just tossed it out intorepparttar 128267 public for all to see, and yet nobody seems to be noticing it.

Flitting from forum to forum, everyone is talking about your new MSN beta search engine ( ), but nobody seems to have discoveredrepparttar 128268 secret marketing bomb you left ticking there.

Google sure was clever with its PageRank gimmick. In fairness, PageRank is not just a gimmick, but it was marketed as much more than it is --repparttar 128269 big ka-boom that sets Google apart, despite being only a small part of its algorithm.

But your ka-boom will be bigger. You have actually given searchers like me control over my own rankings. While other search engines are talking about "personalized search", you've given usrepparttar 128270 levers to incrementally change rankings in searches themselves.

You are probably aware that webmasters are kickingrepparttar 128271 tires on your new search engine to see how high they rank. Those who are more adventuresome or who earn their living understanding (or trying to understand) search engines are taking some of your special features for a spin. Most of those features are fairly mundane. Like "links to" (although it might just berepparttar 128272 most comprehensive listing onrepparttar 128273 Internet hint to webmasters) and "language".

But what's this atrepparttar 128274 very bottom, almost falling off my screen?

Results Ranking.

Hey, this is cool. I can controlrepparttar 128275 results myself. I can give more weight to recently-updated sites, which is great when I am following a breaking story (Afterrepparttar 128276 America's Cup, I do not want to find allrepparttar 128277 pre-race predictions, for example.). Or I can weightrepparttar 128278 results in favor of static pages if I am trying to find againrepparttar 128279 health information I had read last time my daughter broke out in blue and green splotches all over her body.

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