Search Engine Submissions That Boost Link Popularity!

Written by Lil Waldner

“Submit to 10,000 Search Engines” or “Submit to over 200,000 Search Engines”. This kind of ads should attract customers. It looks great to submit to so many search engines. Submission software is offered that helps to submit hundreds of websites to hundreds of search engines during several hours. What is a realistic, possible result of all these nice tools? The achieved link popularity is near Zero, butrepparttar mail box is filled byrepparttar 146988 autoresponders fromrepparttar 146989 mass of FFA (Free for all) search engines.

Which Search Engines count?

Only a few ofrepparttar 146990 many search engines really count! 99,9 % of all those who go on-line to find something use one ofrepparttar 146991 18 top search engines. Scrub The Web provides this information in it’s member area. Yahoo, MSN Search and Google arerepparttar 146992 top three search engines according to Alexa Ranking. Alta Vista and AllTheWeb – also famous search engines - belong to Yahoo and are supplied by Yahoo.

If Link Popularity of a website is measured byrepparttar 146993 services that provide this information, onlyrepparttar 146994 Link Popularity of a website at Google, MSN, Yahoo, AllTheWeb, Alta Vista or Hot Bot is displayed. This shows that only a few search engines really count for Link Popularity. It is not necessary to submit to thousands of search engines, but torepparttar 146995 few important search engines inrepparttar 146996 right way.

Manual work instead of automated submissions

Yahoo search demands that a submitter of websites has to be logged in a Yahoo email address beforerepparttar 146997 submission can start. Submitting to MSN is only possible after typing of a code that is presented in a window. Google says that it is not necessary to submit a site to their search engines. Their spiders crawlrepparttar 146998 web and can findrepparttar 146999 websites. Google offers anyway an Add URL page and does not penalize repeated submissions. It seems that Google Sitemaps is a recommendable tool for webmasters to improverepparttar 147000 chance that websites get indexed.

Defending and Protecting Net Newbies

Written by Dee Scrip

Tantamount torepparttar paradigm shift in communication created by Alexander Graham Bell’s invention ofrepparttar 146956 telephone,repparttar 146957 Internet provides a medium for instantaneous access to information, business decisions, transactions, and personal interactions. As Edward Blake divulged dual sides ofrepparttar 146958 human spirit in “Songs of Innocence and Experience”, likewise there is a dissonant dark side onrepparttar 146959 Internet.

Wolves cloaked in sheep’s clothing menacingly lurk onrepparttar 146960 Internet, waiting to fleece their next innocent lamb, commonly referred to asrepparttar 146961 “net newbie”. Once their victim is sighted,repparttar 146962 end result is a virtual net newbie nightmare, asrepparttar 146963 ravenous wolves siphon money into their gluttonous bank accounts.

There are five notable fleecing schemes focusing onrepparttar 146964 innocence of net newbies, as well as other naďve, unsuspecting Internet surfers:

1.Retail Fleecing -- Expensive high-value items are offered at low or discount “Internet prices” or auctioned off. Typically wolves possess exceptionally efficient systems for amassing your money, but inevitably dispatch either never occurs, or an inferior product is received. Synonymous to pulling light out of a black hole are net newbies retrieving refunds.

2.Business Fleecing -- Better expressed as “scam, slam, thank you ma’am” identify business opportunities promoting fast-track money, e.g., $35,000 in 10 weeks, $100,000 to $500,000 in one year, lotteries, money doublers, etc., may appear feasible, but are not probable.

Many wolves purport years of slaving overrepparttar 146965 Internet until one day they “miraculously” discovered an amazing money making system that has netted them millions of dollars, and they are eagerly willing to share their “secret” with you for a nominal fee. The only phenomenon these wolves discovered was how to profitably fleece net newbies and other naďve internet victims. Realistically, starting an offline or online business takes time, dedication, commitment, work, and effort.

3.Investment Fleecing -- Scalping and “pump and dump” schemes arerepparttar 146966 most popular. “Pump and dump”, a hybrid market manipulation wherein a company desiring to increase sparsely traded stocks, or stocks of shell companies, disseminate false information to boost trade. Holdings are then sold (dumped) before stock price drops again.

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